Howdy Rebels! The RNM Contests Team is back with yet another contest. As summer continues in the Northern Hemisphere we thought what better contest to bring in than a summer fashion contest! Time to touch into your creative side and show us your best ideas! The winner will recieve a special role and rebel cash!

So get creative Rebels as you have the very chance to create your best summer outfit! To submit your entry all you have to do is send a member of the contest team a screenshot of your penguin’s profile wearing your fashion forward outfit. Each entry will be based on originality and creativity.

To enter your penguin’s outfit, send it to a member of the Contest Team. To find out who is on the Contest Team, you can do the “.inrole Contests“ command in the #bots channel.

Contest Rules

– Your outfit must fit the theme of the contest.

– You are only allowed one entry per person.

– The CPPS used must be CPAB

– To enter the contest you have to send a screenshot of your penguin’s profile, including edit buttons with the outfit on, to any member of the Contest Team.


If you have any questions you can always ask or dm a member of the Contest Team. The Contest Team can’t wait to see all of your dripped-out outfits! Good luck to all of you participants!

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it's my breakdown i get to choose the soundtrack

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