RNM TOPIC CONTEST – [22/11/22]

The RNM Contests Team is back yet again! Many rebels have been trying out the .topic command that Rebel Bot provides us to start a conversation with. Be it from your favourite puffle to this or that opinions, .topic surely gives chat a nice touch to it! Keep reading below – I’m sure you know what comes next.

We are hereby calling all rebels to create your very own .topic! If you missed it out last time, this is just made for you as we put in new additions into this sacred command in #main-chat. The winner will be awarded the exclusive Conversationalist role!

When you have come up with a .topic, submit it to any member of the Contests Team via DMs! If you need help finding the members of the team, you can do .inrole Contests in the #bots channel. All entries will be judged equally based on uniqueness and creativity!

Contest Rules

– You may submit up to 2 different .topics.

– Every entry must follow the RPF rules (appropriate, no swearing, etc.)!

Submissions close on December 4th!

That’s it for this contest, we hope to see all of you participate! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or concerns to any member of the Contests Team. Best of luck and have fun!




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