And we’re back, folks! For our most recent contest, the RNM Contest Team asked you fellow Rebels to get creative and submit your ideas for the .work command featured in RPF’s bot channel. After careful consideration and having an overall blast reading through all your entries, we’re ready to present you with the results!

A fair reminder that the RNM Contest Team thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing every single one of your submissions and we thank you greatly for putting in effort with your entries! However, winners must and will be announced…

In First Place, winning a prize of 2000 Rebel Cash and a workshop role of their choice is…


with the work messages of:
Wins: HCOM couldn’t find you in a game of Hide and Seek. You are a master of stealth!
Your slick recruiting skills brought in a new generation of RPF troops. Well done!
Losses: During a bomb tactic, you accidentally leave the main battle room making you a lockout.
Oops! You suggest a tactic to HCOM and they use it, only to find out it’s blocked! AWK.

In Second Place and receiving a prize of 1500 Rebel Cash is…


with the work messages of:
Wins: You suggest a tactic and HCOM asks you to lead it! Everyone cheers you on. Wow, maybe HCOM is your calling? 
Your recruit is active. They talk in main, attend events, apply for promos and you help them along the way. They end up becoming mod and then HCOM. You can’t help but feel proud and feel as if you’ve raised them. 
Losses: You’re sat out of form and do tacs before 3. Everyone thinks you’re a rogue trying to ruin an event but you’re edgy aren’t you? 
You reacted to the Rebel Cash reaction without attending the event. You are publicly called out and shamed by a member of HCOM in VC. You should be ashamed of yourself. 

And coming in at Third Place and winning a prize of 500 Rebel Cash is…


with the work messages of:
Wins: You took pictures during the event, and they were posted on the website! HCOM appreciates your help!
Your tactics and formations are as fast as lightning! Amazing work!
Losses: You use a map during an Iron Curtain. HCOM is disappointed in you for not following directions.
You leave your mic unmuted during a voice chat led event. Why?

The Contest Team will also be awarding a few Rebels with a modest prize of 50 Rebel Cash along with their work commands being added to the bot. Keep an eye out! Fantastic work everyone!

Congratulations to all of our winners and a massive thank you to everyone who entered! Choosing a winner is never an easy decision and we truly loved seeing all your entries. On behalf of the Contest Team, we hope you all enjoyed the contest and stay tuned for our next one!

– Panini || Major General



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