May 8th, 2007 – On this day, the RPF came into being at the hands of Commando717. 14 years on, the RPF is still standing. To celebrate, all Rebels and friends are invited to take part in a week jam-packed full of special events and spectacular rewards. From May 3rd to May 9th – prepare for non-stop fun! Read on to find out more!

The Events!

An amazing array of enticing events have been carefully coordinated for you all. The invigorating itinerary is as follows:


It may be break day – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be extra special this week!
AUSIA: Remember Hodgepodge? The fun-packed recipe game is a great chance to work together in a team. Come along and play!

EU/US: Brush up on your RPF knowledge! This high-stakes Kahoot will test even the most dedicated Rebels!


AUSIA: It’s a U-Lead – with a twist. Ever wonder what it’s like to be HCOM? To be able to speak… even when chat is locked? Sign up to lead at this event and you’ll be granted a special role – you’ll not only find out what it’s like to speak while chat is locked – but you’ll gain access to a special private chat too!

US: An old classic returns. Everyone has a place in this community. It’s time to take pride in how far you’ve come in RPF. Dress up in your rank colour and bring main chat’s flair to CPR!


EU: This event will be followed by a movie night – where the movie we watch will be chosen by a vote with a twist! A list of movies will be announced by HCOM – it’s up to you guys to dress up as a character from the movie you want to watch! Whichever movie has the most people – we’ll stream it after the event!


AUSIA: Hit the runway for this event – a special fashion show held in a purpose-decorated igloo! Best outfit wins!

EU: A triathlon – Club Penguin style! We will be joined by our allies, the Ice Warriors, for this event! 3 rounds, 3 games – who’ll come out on top?


Talent Show: At our regular EU time, we will be hosting a talent show! Show off your singing, knitting, art, music – if it’s a talent, we want to see it!

US: We all have our signature outfits when it comes to CPR. What’s yours? Show it off at this event! 

Saturday – The Anniversary!

EU: For May 8th itself – we will be hosting a very special uniform event. All Rebels, allies, Veterans, retirees, and friends will be invited to join us in celebrating 14 years! The event will be followed by a special surprise!


AUSIA: Rapid fire! This special edition Hide-and-Seek will be split into 5-minute rounds. HCOM will be hidden all over the island – and you’ll have 5 minutes to find as many as you can!

EU/US: We can’t let AUSIA have all the fun! This special U-Lead will be similar to Tuesday’s – full of exclusive fun for those who sign up to lead!


Things just wouldn’t be as special without some extra fun, would they? This week – role after role and giveaway after giveaway are unlockable to you. “How?” you ask?

Well, that’s easy… the more you attend – the more you unlock (with fancy roles changing your name colour too!) Head to #giveaways-faq to find out where to begin. See you there!


If you strike at, imprison, or kill us, out of our prisons or graves we will still evoke a spirit that will thwart you, and perhaps, raise a force that will destroy you! We defy you! Do your worst!

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