It’s that time of year again – the RPF Winter Olympics are finally here! We are happy to announce that this year’s Winter Olympics will be held from January 15th 2023 – January 21st 2023!

During the Olympics, every Rebel is randomly separated into four teams. These teams then work together in competitions in various minigames throughout the week such as Dance Contest, Pizzatron3000, and more!

Points are awarded for first, second, and third place – so every time you win a game, you earn points for your team! These points are displayed on the scoreboard, so keep an eye out there to see which team is winning!

We will be hosting the Olympics on Club Penguin Legacy and Club Penguin Army Battleground, so make sure you have an account on both in order to show up and support your team!

For this Winter, our theme is Frozen!

RPF HCOM members have been working hard behind the scenes to put together this event, so we really hope you enjoy!

The 2022 RPF Winter Olympics Teams are as follows:

Team Captain: Jaeun

Team Co-Captains: Elexonck & Cracked

Team Co-Captains: Link3000 & Princhi

Team Co-Captains: Moon and Z3ming

Click here to find out which team you’re a part of!

Once you know your team, click here to see your uniform!

Good luck everyone, and may the best team win!

Returning Roles

Team MVP – Think of this as similar to Troop of the Week, but for your Olympic team! Each team captain will be on the lookout throughout the Olympics for spirited members within their teams who compete, hype, and comment on tournament posts for their team. These people will be awarded with their very own Team MVP trophy!

Rebel Olympian – Attend any 5 Olympic tournaments with your team PLUS either the Opening or Closing Ceremony to receive this special role.

Big thank you to Lemur and Jaeun for the amazing graphics!



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