The Ruby and the Ruby stage play has returned to the island! Keep reading to find where all the hidden catalog items are as well as the location of the new pin!

Stage Catalog Secrets

1. Click the green penguin’s eye for the Doorman’s Jacket (400 coins)

2. Click the peach penguin’s eye for the Doorman’s Cap (150 coins)

3. Click the “R” in Ruby and the Ruby for the Blue Felt Hat (300 coins)

4. Click the “N” in and for the Skinny Blue Tie (150 coins)

5. Click the Movie Star’s mannequin’s eye for the Blue Zoot Suit (700 coins)

6. Click the Grey Fedora’s mannequin’s eye for the Black Zoot Shoes (450 coins)

7. Click the Detective’s Coat’s buckle for the Detective Background (60 coins)

Hidden Square Ruby Pin

First, head over to the Plaza and into the Stage. Then, to reveal the pin, click the items listed in the following order:

1. File cabinet
2. Open book on the desk
3. Trash can
4. Flowerpot
5. Painting
6. Safe
7. Ruby

That’s it for the Ruby and the Rose stage guide! Be sure to join our Discord for all the latest on pins and catalogs, mascot tracking, and more.

– princhi, Third in Command

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