Seasonal Roles – Sneak Peek

Seasonal Roles – Sneak Peek

That’s right, seasonal roles are coming back and very soon!

What are Seasonal Roles?

Seasonal Roles were roles that were only available during a particular season and were seen as collectable as you kept them year round. They were purchased using Rebel Cash, with certain roles being more expensive than others.

 Is Rebel Cash coming back?

The short answer is no, if it ever makes a return it will be a Rebel Federation-wide bot that can be used across all clans and divisions and therefore the CP Division does not have any special insight into plans for a return at this time. This does not mean that Rebel Cash is going to come back, it may one day, it also might not. However, I wouldn’t keep your hopes up.

How do we earn Seasonal Roles?

This is the top secret information that will not be released until the release of the roles themselves. However, we’re going to have a little competition in the comments.

In the comments below have a guess at how Seasonal Roles could be earned. The first person to get it right in the comments will be able to pick a seasonal role of their choice on the day of release.

Seasonal Roles will become available on Saturday 1st June 2019. The winner of the competition will be announced the same day.


  1. tatsumaki coins? idk man

  2. Mermaid or surfer? 🙂

  3. Maybe they could be earned as you get promotions and rank up?

  4. Are they earned by recruiting a certain amount of people?

  5. if ur a good lil boi and are super active and hcom think ur a spicy little baybee

  6. Unbelievaboat coins

  7. Doing specific quests or checking in to certain events?

  8. xD.
    1. By guessing correctly in the comments.
    2. A competition so it might show up in giveaways.
    3. Using the tatsugotchi money??

  9. attending all events in one week? or maybe recruiting a certain amount of people into the rpf??

  10. Achieving certain goals, recruiting or event attendance. Or just being epic like me :cooll:

  11. You have to pay into twitchys bitcoin wallet to get them?

  12. Bribing the owners

  13. Maybe Doing specific challenges or maybe roleplaying

  14. Recruit, event attendance, helping other members out, being active?

  15. Going to events and helping/ being nice to leaders and members.

  16. Attending seasonal events and comment on the event post. Those who commented get the roles

  17. I think they’re earned by the following ways:

    Always being honest no matter what
    Always being supportive of others
    Always being considerate of others
    Turning up to events
    Apologizing when you make a mistake
    Taking responsibility for your actions
    If an argument is going on between you and another person, be the bigger person and ignore the rude comments
    Following ALL the rules and trying not to break any
    Recruiting others to join the Rebel Federation family
    Treating others how YOU want to be treated

    and above all:

    Being the BEST person you can possibly be and being yourself

  18. Tatsumaki credits?!?!

    Side Note: I LOVE BTS

  19. By attending events on the games (i.e. CPR) during Christmas time, summer time, or any other period you can earn seasonal roles (?)

  20. Addy Hargreeves

    Maybe you have to lead a successful tac-tic in U-leads?
    ( Hello by the way, if anyone’s reading this! I’m going to be back in the RF soon which I’m excited about. )

  21. Maybe buy it using credits, or how you perform in the upcoming RF olympics

  22. recruiting, attendance or tatsukami credits

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