Club Penguin Rewritten. We woke up one day and saw the announcement that it was shut down, taken away from us just like that. Some of us had 5-year-old accounts, others had mere days old accounts, but these accounts poofed away, never returning. I myself joined CPR in February 2020 and joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in March 2020. My CPR account was complete with all the mascot stamps as well as 240 stamps. Though I will miss it, I am grateful for the time I got to spend there and all the memories I made as well as the importance it has held  In the Rebel Penguin Federation, Club Penguin Rewritten made up a core part of our activity throughout the last five years and has been greatly embedded as part of our 15-year lifespan. 

The Rebel Penguin Federation is one of the few armies, if not only, that used Club Penguin Rewritten throughout the Club Penguin Private Server’s lifespan. Following the shutdown of the original Club Penguin on March 30th, 2017, many Club Penguin Armies decided to shut down but RPF continued to stay open, moving to CPPS almost immediately. Under the leadership of Silverburg, Elmikey, Popsiclebeak, Junie, Twitchy543, and Left, RPF moved to Club Penguin Rewritten. Around this time, RPF would also move to Discord from the older platform Xat. With many casual players joining Club Penguin Rewritten as well to relieve their nostalgia, the move to Discord greatly aided in the retention and organization of the army.

CPR Guides

The Rebel Penguin Federation has provided mascot trackers, stamp guides, and catalog guides ever since their move to Club Penguin Rewritten in 2017. From Hall of Famers to current RPF Staff, including myself, many joined in search of these valuable tools that would be helpful in their CPR journeys. As the responsibility of the CPR News Team, the group of RPF Staff worked hard to put together guides of all the secrets for every party, clothing catalog, and igloo catalog. A pin tracker on the site notified Rebels of the latest pins. The Mascot Tracker originally on the site eventually would become a channel in the discord server. As a recruit, I joined in search of a mascot tracker and was blessed by the channel that gave live notifications of a mascot’s location courtesy of RPF Staff. One of the greatest achievements in my opinion related to CPR Guides was the compilation of the Ultimate Stamp Guide in October 2020. The guide featured every minigame with stamps and showed the dedication of the staff to helping Rebels complete their stamp book. 


The primary goal of RPF since the move to Club Penguin Rewritten has always been events. You’ve likely been to at least one and I have attended at least a 100 on there throughout my time in RPF. With a variety of them from costume events, game tournaments, fashion shows, and battles, there is always something for everything to enjoy. Over the 5 years, RPF has hosted 100s of operations with many even breaking Club Penguin Army records. 

When RPF first arrived on the island in 2017, they had a strong presence. Events consistently maxed in the 70-100 range as many joined the army and as well as ran into the events in the game. A large event at that time was Operation: Jetpack which saw 100+ Rebels wearing the Jetpack item.

RPF continued strong until the initial shut down of CPR in 2018 which was only temporary. When the RPF would return to CPR in late 2018 and continue rebuilding their presence once more. Many large sizes would become prevalent in events. The army would also move to a new Discord at the beginning of 2019, which is the home of RPF currently. In December 2019, as part of the Holiday Hundred Campaign. One of the last events ultimately ended with a max of 101 known as Operation: Feelin’ Just Pine

Following 3 years of success on CPR, 2020 would prove to be the biggest year for RPF and CPR. As a global pandemic engulfed the world, many turned to Club Penguin Rewritten as a way to spend time and find nostalgia. This provided the perfect opportunity to grow the server. Many new recruits piled into RPF hoping to be a part of a community for the game. This perfect storm of new recruits allowed RPF to break many records. In March 2020, RPF would initially break the AUSIA record twice with sizes of 80+. Along with the AUSIA record, they would hold Operation: Boxed Up, which was the largest Club Penguin Army event of all time with a max size of 176 Rebels. Maintaining strong sizes throughout April, the month of May allowed RPF to break even more records. Operation: Cheesy Rebels held in May is the current AUSIA Record with 103 Rebels. A few days later the US event Record was broken at Operation: Soccer Mom with a peak size of 2020. I had the pleasure of being able to attend all these events and it was awesome breaking records with my army. 

While events were held on Club Penguin Rewritten, some were also held on Club Penguin Armies: The Game, but this would all change with the shutdown of Adobe Flash at the end of December 2020. With the death of Adobe Flash, CPR went down temporarily again for 1 month as they prepared for the transition to HTML5. When CPR was back, RPF was quick to join the game once more. RPF had a strong entrance maxing 91 at one of the first battles. During the 14th Anniversary, just one year ago, RPF maxed a whopping 104. Truly a great way to celebrate 14 years. From there to the end of Club Penguin Rewritten, RPF continued to thrive. Throughout the time RPF has been on Club Penguin Rewritten, it has been memorable what they have been able to accomplish. 


Throughout the years of RPF post-Club Penguin, the RPF Olympics has been a meaningful tradition. The RPF Olympics is a week of minigame tournaments with four teams who compete to assert their dominance with medals. 2020 was also the first year the RPF Olympics were held on Club Penguin Rewritten as its previous platform for the event, Penguin Oasis, had shut down. It was at the Summer Olympics in 2020 that the infamous US Mancala meme emerged. RPF has held 4 Olympics tournaments in the last 2 years, with the 2020 ones having a portion on the Club Penguin Armies CPPS. Many games have been featured, some as a result of the limited games in HTML5 CPR. Card Jitsu, Mancala, Dance Contest, Find Four, Sled Racing, Ice Fishing, Cart Surfer, Pizzatron 3000, Puffle Roundup, and Catching Waves have all made their respective appearances. Having the ability to participate in all of Olympics since 2020, I greatly enjoyed being to be apart and lead teams and compete against the other three teams in a series of minigames. 

Branch Battles

When you first joined RPF, you might have been asked what branch you wanted to join or simply reacted on a menu for older members. I decided to choose the Navy as I enjoyed the color blue. Branches have been an integral part of events since the start of the army’s time on CPR. Without a lack of armies to battle, the Air Force and Navy branches were used extensively to train up RPF in the case of opponents in the future. In 2018, the Infantry branch would be introduced wearing a green outfit but would later be shut down. Over the course of the last few years, we’ve had some memorable branch battles such as Greg vs Dave, Buffle vs Bizza, Kermit vs Pikachu, and the infamous Recruiting Battle of 2019. 


While we did not start with many opponents on CPR, we would soon emerge with some. In April 2017, the rogue Tubas army would invade RPF’s capital, Alaska, leading to a 7-month war on CPR. The Tubas were a rogue army so they were not as organized as RPF was. Battles took place throughout the day for various time limits, some lasting as long as 4 hours.

 In 2019, the Rebel Penguin Federation would war against the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. While part of the battles was held on Penguin Oasis, there were some also held on Club Penguin Rewritten. It was during this war that the famous I think we lost meme emerged.

In 2020, there were a few notable wars, but many were not held on Club Penguin Rewritten. The one war that partly held some of the battles was the famous World War Rewritten. WWR was primarily between RPF and ACP but eventually expanded to feature a few other armies that used Club Penguin Rewritten, This was one of my first wars in RPF and it was pretty fun. Our first invasions for the war took place on CPR with simultaneous invasions of ACP’s servers. Eventually we would move the battles to CPATG, but ultimately would end in an RPF victory. Other battles and wars would take place in 2020 but may would remain on CPATG. 2021 did not feature many wars, but we held many practice battles and tournaments on Club Penguin Rewritten going forward from 2020. 


Tournaments have been one of the things RPF has been a dominant force in throughout its 15 years and there have been a fair share held on Club Penguin Rewritten. One of the first tournaments that RPF participated was part of the Summer Circuit. This battle would be done with the RPF Strike Force and would end in an RPF’s Victory. In March/April 2020, RPF would participate in Premier League, which would be a tournament featuring only CPR armies. Strike Force would take victories in the first few rounds and the entire army was called upon for the semifinals and finals against Help Force and Army of Club Penguin, respectively. Premier League would all be held on Club Penguin Rewritten with RPF taking another victory. The rest of the tournaments that year would be held on CPATG but the shut down of Flash led to many tournaments once again on Club Penguin Rewritten. In 2021, March Madness, Legends Cup XI, and Christmas Chaos XI. RPF would win the Legends Cup XI against Help Force and Christmas Chaos XI against the Ice Warriors In 2022, just before the shut down of Club Penguin Rewritten, RPF participated in the AUSIA Arena tournament in which they took a victory in as well as March Madness. 

This history on Club Penguin Rewritten has truly been rich filled with a variety of iconic moments. When you think of Club Penguin Rewritten, remember to cherish all those memories you had no matter how long you spent on the game. Most importantly when you think of the game, remember the Club Penguin Rewritten Legacy: the Legacy that has dominated the Rebel Penguin Federation for 5 solid years. Even though our beloved game has shut down, remember that the Good Fight Always Prevails and that the Rebel Penguin Federation will continue on no matter the obstacles in our path.

Yodabobobo~Second in Command, Rebel Broadcast Team Writer

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