The End of The Crusades

Over the last few days, the Rebel Penguin Federation has been involved in a war known as The Summer Sovereign War against the Templars of Club Penguin.  Numerous of invasions and defenses later, map changes and big word bubbles, the war has finally come to an end.

On Wednesday July 20th, the Templars of Club Penguin declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation.  The war was to take place starting July 29th following a grace period.  Both armies started planning their invasions strategically even from the 1st day, the war was at full blast.

Two battles scheduled 1 hour apart, with the first one – RPF’s invasion of Rome – being a TCP victory, and the second one – TCP’s invasion of Alaska – an RPF victory.

Despite the unfortunate start to the war, RPF emerged victorious in all battles following those, managing to defend various pieces of land while also successfully invading templars land, one server at a time.

RPF claims the 1st server from Templars – Alexandria.

RPF claims Northern Lights from Templars

RPF claims Cairo from Templars.
(this one was for you perry)

RPF claims Rome from Templars.

After 4 days of battling, the rebels had a winning streak 9-0-1 (W-T-L) when Xing, leader of Templars approached RPF leaders for a treaty which stated as followed.

Throughout this war the rebels truly proved that the good fight always prevails.  RPF has once again managed to come out on top and demonstrated the true power of the army.  We would also like to take this moment to express our immense gratitude towards all the rebels that participated in the war and helped us achieve this victory.  This truly couldn’t have been done without you.

Thank you for helping us prove that RPF is far from weak pacifists that run away from wars as some might think.  We are not a shadow of what we used to be in the past and we will keep rising.

Keep fighting the good fight rebels.


Link3000 | Rebel Commander

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