The Restoration of Law & Order

The Rebel Federation has not been the same as it used to be. Today, we change that.

[Warning: The rest of this post will probably be difficult to understand for younger audiences. Please scroll down to the bottom and read the bold paragraph, where I summarize everything, if that’s the case. If not, I strongly suggest reading the entire post.]

When the Rebel Penguin Federation was founded in May of 2007 it was founded on a set of principles, being summarized with one simple phrase: “Fight the good fight.” In order to ensure that that remains true, the forefathers of the RPF created something known as the USRPF Constitution. This document would create a system of checks and balances where no one person would ever hold supreme authority in the RPF.

Beginning in 2008 with Ziehen, the document went through many revisions to adjust to the government system of the Rebel Penguin Federation, most of which were done by Omega, and finished in 2010 with this as the final draft.

However, a lot has changed since that document was written. The original Constitution was written for the army while it ran as a democratic republic, where the members of the army would elect the leader. The leader would then become the President of the USRPF, and congressional elections would be held where the individual members of the army would also elect the congressional members, who would impose checks and balances on the President to ensure the stability of the government system that they had imposed.

But we don’t do that anymore. (And we’re not going to start doing it again.)

When Elmikey became the leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2013, he decided to remove the Constitution from the army, viewing it as a threat to his authority. This was the exact reason why the document was created in the first place: to prevent this from happening. But it happened nonetheless, and when Elmikey was removed from his power later last year, the document was never returned.

To summarize, the Constitution was a system that RPF used to keep the army stable and not corrupt. It was deleted due to corruption weaving it’s way in despite efforts to prevent it. And today, it returns. I’ve spent a lot of time going over this with the High Command and trying to work out what system will work best for myself, for them, and for the army as a whole. I’ll admit, it’s a tough read. You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. But it’s a worthwhile one. I officially present to you…

The Constitution of the Rebel Federation


RF Rebel Commander


You know who I am.


  1. interesting

  2. I read the entirety of both constitutions, and I feel like this is a big step forward for the RF. Some absolute form of law was quite needed in the rf and this is pretty much exactly what we needed. I am exited to see how this works out in the future, FTGF

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