The Road to 13K members project was a long one, but not an impossible one. We have proved that with now having 13K+ members in the RPF discord server, hitting that mark on April 13th! This goal was announced around a month ago, which was also the same time the recruiting battalions were introduced to the server! These new battalions, combined with our aim for recruiting, boosted our member rates marginally. This goal is even more impressive when factoring in the recent shutdown of CPR. This milestone was not possible without our efforts from all the HCOM, Officers, Officer Cadets and Troops who stepped up and allowed us to get to where we are now, one recruit at a time. Let’s hear how special this goal is from our Rebel Commanders, F6Sixer and Elexonck, and what they think of the whole project.


When I joined RPF all the way back in March of 2019, the current discord had just started and we had just under 500 members. The fact that we’ve grown so much in the last 3 years is absolutely mind boggling to me. I am proud of all the people who’ve recruited and helped us get to where we are today. Even though CPR, our primary CPPS has shutdown, we had our highest recruit intake ever (500+ in 1 week) last week. So I am confident that in the months to come we’ll keep growing. Recruiting’s always been on my mind as RC, with the end of Flash and easing up of the lockdowns, CPPSes became less popular and consequently recruiting became a lot harder which in turns causes server growth to stagnate. We’ve added nearly 2000 people since the time Elex and I became RCs and this is largely thanks to staff constantly adjusting and adopting new or improving existing recruiting strategies and helping others stay motivated. The 13k milestone started off as an idea which was suggested by our 2ic moon and pretty soon HCOM got on board pitching their ideas and eventually, the project came into being. I’m quite thankful to every single HCOM, Officer, Cadet and troop who helped make this achievement possible. Getting 13k before our 15th anniversary (on May 8th) was a huge hope of mine and I’m extremely happy that we’ve reached it with a few weeks to spare. I think this project highlights the fact that when RPF comes together and works hard, we can conquer any challenge regardless of the odds, cause as they say, we will prevail!


Obviously after the huge boom of server growth during the pandemic, the growth began to slow shortly before F6 and I’s leadership began. Nonetheless, I feel like there has been a consistent gradual growth leading up to this point. I’m really happy that after campaigning to reach this milestone we did it successfully in time for our 15th anniversary. I’m just happy that the server remains active as ever and has even undergone a boost in recent weeks despite CPR’s shutdown. The teamwork from staff and the community as a whole to reach this goal has been amazing and the efforts from staff have been hugely impressive in particular. I hope to see this growth continue into the future and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Reaching 13K members is symbolic of how far we have come as a community. It deserves special merit on the leadership from F6 and Elex, as well as the recruiting efforts from everyone in the server. It shows what we’re capable of accomplishing when we set our minds to it. A round of applause to everyone who helped us achieve this with their time spent recruiting. Gaining this many people while RPF’s 15th birthday approaches in a few weeks is another bonus from the project! Stay tuned for that upcoming event and any other projects we have in the future!

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the update on the 13K Members Goal and its importance. As always, stay safe out there and Fight the Good Fight!


And we go round and round Life is just a moment in time

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