The road to 13K and beyond – Recruiting Battalions

Hello Rebels, RPF’s current discord server was launched in March 2019 and in the short span of 3 years we’ve reached a server size of 12,700+, the highest in our 15 year history. However, we have no intentions of slowing down or stopping. Our 15th anniversary in May is a few weeks away and we aim to hit a milestone of 13,000 server members by then and keep advancing forward. To this end, RPF is reorganizing its resources to streamline our recruiting process by creating the RPF Recruiting Battalionwhich will be open to all troops. To find out how you can contribute and the perks of joining, click on the read more tag!

The recruiting battalions will comprise of small teams of HCOM, Officers  and troops who will work together to bring in new folks into RPF via various means. By joining the recruiting battalion, you will get to work in a close knit team. You will never have to worry about the pressures and challenges associated with recruiting alone. You will also be able to directly contribute to the growth and success of RPF’s future generations. Even if you’re totally inexperienced but have some time to spare, please consider applying because you may be the next star recruiter for RPF!

To join the recruiting battalion, you simply need to be an active troop with a rank of Private or higher in RPF. By joining the team and recruiting, your promotion chances are significantly boosted. You will also be eligible for Rebel Cash, custom roles and other rewards based on the number of folks you recruit. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to contribute to RPF’s growth and success.

To join the recruiting battalion or to get more information on what it entails, feel free to DM any member of HCOM. Together with your support we will hit the milestone of 13,000 troops and beyond! 


Rebel Commander


Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

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