The Stolen Seas War

An announcement like this is never easy to make, nor is it one which the RPF leadership hoped to make. However it is the situation that Gabi and myself find ourselves in. As you may have seen, three of our staff members have left RPF’s service, and instead have joined the Water Vikings team. This is not where the betrayal ends however, as Water Vikings have also been caught Troop stealing from our server.

Following the defeat of RPF in the finals of March Madness, senior Water Viking figures have been caught attempting to troopsteal multiple accounts from RPF, promising equal rank for swapping. On top of that, they have been badmouthing RPF, claiming that they can provide things that we are unable to and more. This is behaviour we wouldn’t expect from anyone, let alone our so-called brothier allies. Not stopping there however, Water Vikings went on to steal three members of the RPF staff team. When reached out to by our HCOM team, those troops shared these screenshots.

Current WV Leader Dino, troop stealing RPF Private, Scorpionoffice

Former WV leader, Mabel, troop stealing RPF Specialist, ember

RPF Staff members enlisting to WV

It is for all the aforementioned reasons that this decision has been made, and it has not been made lightly.

The Rebel Penguin Federation is now at war with the Water Vikings.

It has been a number of years since RPF last found themselves at war with Water Vikings, however we will remind them that we are not a force to be reckoned with.

War of Stolen Seas Terms

  1. In the absence of a server map, defining an end state to the conflict is necessary. Each army participating is to discuss and set a war goal to decide a victor.
  2. This war is a one-on-one conflict between the Rebel Penguin Federation (hereafter RPF), and Water Vikings (hereafter WV). The useage of allies, dual-enlists, or members of other armies are prohibited from attending for either side throughout the duration of the war. Outside involvement of any kind is banned in this war. This includes visitors and veterans from other armies attending.
  3. All war battles must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with the CPA league and CPA Judges. Failure to do so will result in the invalidation of the scheduling.
  4. No doxxing, ddosing, botting, multilogging, or cheating in any form.
  5. No army is allowed to merge into RPF or WV until the conclusion of the war. Any merges will be deemed invalid.
  6. Should members of any merged army decide to participate in their new army, the battle will result in the unconditional surrender of the aggressor.
  7. The losing army in this conflict must accept the terms of a treaty imposed by the winning force.
  8. A withdrawal from this conflict for any reason (e.g. withdrawing from the server map, withdrawing from the CPA league, shutting down, failing to attend 3 battles in a row, etc.) will be counted as a forfeit of the war.
  9. If either side fails to attend more than three battles at any point throughout the war, it will be considered a withdrawal from the conflict, causing a forfeit.
  10. Any attempt to exploit loopholes with result in an automatic defeat.
  11. Evidence of any of these war terms being breached will result in an automatic and instant defeat to those guilty, at the jurisdiction of the Club Penguin Armies administration.
  12. All other CPA league map, and CPAB rules apply for this war.
  13. This war is between RPF and WV, no other army may declare war on either side for the duration of the war.
  14. Due to the religious significance of Easter for members of Christian religious denominations, no battles are to take place on Easter Sunday (March 31)

RPF does not enter into war lightly, nor did we ever imagine going to war against our brother allies so suddenly, however Water Viking’s blatant disrespect to us cannot and will not go unchecked.

– gabgeirl | Rebel Commander

– Link3000 | Rebel Commander

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  1. Um. I wish you guys the best of luck. I hope y’all can sort things out after.

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