Through the Hall of Fame: RPF in Review

Through the Hall of Fame

In light of the Rebel Penguin Federation’s recent 14th Anniversary week, it seems fitting to look back on how RPF has changed and yet stayed the same. What better way to do so than by learning from the most prominent figures of each era? Read on for a series of interviews with members of our Hall of Fame – RedweebCheesePerry, and Ulti!

Redweeb: RPF Rebel

Redweeb joined RPF at the beginning of 2019, at a time when AUSIA events struggled to gather enough attendees for a post. However, she ascended to HCOM quickly, where she developed the region into a powerhouse. She retired at Second in Command but lingered as an Advisor and RF Administrator. Red’s work laid the foundation for the state of AUSIA today, so let’s see how an interview with this RPF Rebel went down!

Q: What would you consider the crowning achievement of your RPF career?

R: The crowning achievement was going from ~15 members attending AUSIA to up to 60. Spending a year doing my best to grow a region I wasn’t in was difficult but completely worth it.

Q: What is one thing you wish you had done in your career?
R: Honestly my time in RPF was pretty fulfilling lol. I wish I didn’t give people hope I’d become RC I guess. I was motivated for a short time, but there was a complete side of RPF that I could not have cared less about and I think that wouldn’t have made me a successful leader in the long run. Big apologies to Red4Red fans, it was never meant to be 😔 Regardless, I had a great career and I wouldn’t have it go any other way.

Q: If you could say one thing to yourself as a new troop, what would it be?
R: Listen here kiddo. I know everybody looks scary and you’re mad afraid everyone’s quietly judging you. Just stick to your guns, be yourself, and remember you’re older than most of the folk here. You are good enough, please put the drinks down, and get some rest. RPF will be there in the morning. You’ll want to find the solution to many things, but there are some things you can’t control. Have fun, choose kindness, and always always remember to put yourself first.

Q: How different would your life be if you never joined RPF?
R: Oh honey. RPF was my life for the entirety of 2019 and 2020. I’ve made so many friends, met people who I hold very dear to my heart, and I grew so much as a person just by learning how the community works. It kept me mentally stable for a really, really dark time in my life and I can honestly say (with a bit of a tw) I don’t know if I’d be alive rn if it weren’t for this cOoL gAmInG sErVeR. The people, man. There are some real beautiful souls out there. I didn’t make so much of a notable name for myself, which is fine, but RPF has affected me in such a big way and I am always grateful to weebwad for recruiting me.

It was an honor to be able to speak with Red! She had a lot of sweet insight about her time in RPF. Thanks to her again! – brenatto

Cheese: RPF Hero

As part of our recent Hall of Fame inductions, Cheese was awarded Hero. Being a long-time member of RPF, it was incredibly well-deserved. He first joined in 2013 and returned several times from 2017 to 2019 before settling into the role of Advisor. He’s made a tangible impact, on both an army-wide and individual scale, and so it seemed fitting to select him as our Hero interviewee!

Q: What made you want to stay in RPF?
Ccombination of things really, really evolved over the years. initially I really enjoyed the army aspect as a kid and pretending. as I got older it evolved into enjoying with friends and talking with people with the penguin stuff as a backdrop. as I gained more responsibility and appreciation for rpf it grew into a need to make sure other people would have a chance to have those same fun experiences and community climate. I think all in all it was a healthy combination of that and supporting my friends in such a diverse community

Q: What is one thing you wish you had done in your career?
C: i think im really content with how my experience with rpf went, its def not the most orthodox. at many moments there were times I wish I was younger and had less real life responsibilities to be able to play a more direct role in rpf. looking back, I spent a decent time as an advisor because that was just the best use of being able to contribute. being Rebel Commander, sure woulda been nice, but i’m happy with the way things turned out

Q: If you could say one thing to yourself as a new troop, what would it be?
C: dont do it… jk
honestly off the top my head i’d say nothing cuz im super content with the ups and downs this experience brought to me and how it shaped me, butttt to not be THAT GUY: i think that many times (younger cheese) you will be faced with situations that seem end of the world, the ship is sinking like its all going bad but its never really all bad, maybe in the moment in might be. but things will always end up going on track. NEVER BACK DOWN, KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT
oh duh, learn about internet safety and start caring about it. dont babyrage comment on websites (at least w/o a vpn). dont expect much from greater cpa, and even rpf cuz sometimes ppl are straight heartless idiots over club penguin
OH OH BIG ONE: dont count urself short, like u can do way more and are may more valuable to urself and others than u think

Q: How different would your life be if you never joined RPF?
C: @ crazzy @ pop – i always ask this question with them LOL its kind of mind blowing to think about
I honestly think i’d have a lot less emotional maturity and knowledge of other people. I definitely might have spent more time getting into other not as good activities that woulda changed the course of my life for the better or worse who knows, but rpf exposed me to so many diverse situations and people (hinting at drama and internet safety), that i feel like I would lowkey be less knowledgeable on how people really think and act when theres no filter, esp in an environment as crazy as the internet. overall life would be the same, i’d still be the same general person heading the same general path I am in life regarding the kinds of friends I want and things I want to do. I’d just have less valuable mistakes and successes to look back on
i wouldnt know perry 🤩

Q: Bonus question – do you think RPF made you a better person?
long story short, yea rpf made me better. i think being exposed to a diverse set of issues and people is great for development. this world offers you the chance to be put on a team and work together with people from all backgrounds and situations with a common love and goal and people forget the power of that. I personally feel it taught me alot through both mistakes i made with other people, how I treated others, how i may have learned and or succeeded with those bonds
also I wouldnt be into kid cudi and kanye west NEARLY as much so yes. by that alone rpf made me a better person

It was really great talking to Cheese! I really enjoyed the profound conversation :emo:. Thanks to him again for the opportunity! – brenatto

Perry: RPF Icon

Perry joined Cheese as a Hall of Fame inductee, though as an Icon instead. In 2017, he joined RPF, and with his crucial experience from the Dark Warriors, he reached the rank of Second in Command. Though now his contributions as an Advisor are primarily behind-the-scenes, they are no less valuable: he remains an important figure in shaping modern RPF affairs. As such, we decided to interview him as an RPF Icon!

Q: What made you want to stay in RPF?
P: That would be RPFs community, the community is definitely the best aspect in CP Armies in general whether it’s your own army’s community or the CPA community in general.

Q: What would you consider your crowning achievement?
P: Honestly in 2017-2018 there weren’t any tourneys as CPA were dead, but probably the operations. However, the RPF announcements channel is the pinnacle of clout that can be achieved.

Q: What is one lesson that RPF has taught you?
P: Probably the biggest lesson RPF and CP Armies in general should teach people is internet safety and it’s up there for what RPF taught me.

Q: What advice would you give to current troops aiming to be HoF?
P: Aim for promos, set weekly goals, interact in main and hopefully you could reach hcom with enough work. From there it’s a matter of what you could do for RPF that decides whether or not you qualify for HoF.

It was an honour to have gotten the chance to interview Perry. Many thanks to him for his insight regarding his time here! – Eskild

Ulti: RPF Legend

Perhaps you were here during his reign; perhaps you’ve only heard about it through the off-hand remark. Regardless, it’s undeniable that Ultipenguinj‘s influence in RPF is far-reaching. His first stint in RPF lasted from 2013 to 2015, but his time to shine came in 2019, when he rejoined for Strike Force Director (sort of like “1.5ic”). Under his leadership, RPF claimed several trophies and records, including Operation: Boxed Up. Being such a decorated Legend, it’s only natural to speak with him!

Q: What made you want to stay in RPF?
U: When I first joined RPF, it was on the heels of having joined the Nachos Army. For those who may not be aware, the Nachos were known for being the least family friendly army around. I much preferred RPF’s atmosphere to the one that made jokes about every -ism possible, so I stuck around. 8 years later, RPF has maintained that community and keeps people coming back.

Q: What is one thing you wish you had done in your career?
U: Honestly, I’m good with what I did. Heck, I did more than I expected to going into it. My most recent (and final) stint in leadership was meant to be a transitional point from a time of many concerns, and thanks to the great work of Cosmo and Crazzy, Elex and F6, and the rest of RPF staff, those concerns have diminished significantly. RPF will never be perfect, but I’m glad I was able to pass it off to such a great string of leaders to bring it as close as possible.

Q: What would you consider your crowning achievement?
U: I’m a big fan of giving RPF the crown for highest max at an army event in history. Bringing RPF back into the armies limelight in general was an accomplishment, but to top it off by cementing us as the greatest army of all time was a huge honor. Couldn’t have done it without the 178 rebels who came out, and I look forward to seeing RPF reach even greater heights.

Q: What advice would you give to troops aiming to join the Hall of Fame?
U: Break the mold. Once you get staff, everyone there is qualified to do the work that comes with it, but go above and beyond by offering something only you can do to improve the army. Bring a bit of yourself to the position. Let HCOM know they can count on you. Just don’t burn yourself out, for your own health. IRL > Club Penguin

It was indeed a great honor I got to interview such a decorated Legend! Thanks to him again for giving his insight! – Yvng

That’s all, folks: a review of RPF throughout the years, through the lens of the people who uniquely shaped their eras. Huge shoutout to Eskild and Yvng for helping me with this post, as well as those who were interviewed! One day, you could be the one being interviewed about your RPF experiences, so make the most of every moment.

Brenatto, Second in Command


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