Hi there, rebels! Good to see you again for another edition of Throwback Thursday, where we take a look at some of RPF’s most notable history. As a tribute to the Summer Olympics we held recently, today’s post will be focusing on the first ever Olympics RPF hosted. Are you curious? Let’s dive right into it!

Summer 2017

For a fresh change of pace, RPF decided to introduce a fun new concept: Game Olympics. Featuring CPR’s various minigames, the rebels were matched against each other for some friendly competition. To achieve this, four teams were created. Alpha, Titan, Typhoon and Tuxedo. With so many games and skilled rebels, the RPF saw many soldiers become involved in the community. The team spirit everyone showed was truly remarkable, and led to a fun-filled week in the army.

Eventually, team Tuxedo came out on top, although the other teams did not lag behind, as they allowed for a tight scoreboard.

It comes off as no surprise that the Olympics have had such a huge impact, to the point where they are still prominent and highly anticipated to this day. As a matter of fact, the Olympics have become a tradition in RPF, with a new edition being hosted every Winter and Summer.

What tales will the Olympics bring to us in the future? Are you excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics? 

That’s it for this edition of Throwback Thursday! Hope you all enjoyed reading about this piece of RPF history. Be sure to stay up to date so you don’t miss out on any new edition!

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