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This week marks the fifty-eighth official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently Cosmo, Brenatto, Yvng, Mars, and Sharki) ask two or more people questions. Interviews won’t have same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality and have its own unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked give us a better understanding of each soldier and how different or similar everyone is in the community. There’s an exponential amount of soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hopes to see you guys in a post one day!

The four interviewees for this week are Essjay, Panini, Royal, and Z3ming!


Welcome back! I’m Reeeeee and I’m REEEady to take you through these interviews! Get it? Reeeeee and Ready? Nevermind… Our first interview conducted by Brenatto is our 171st Troop of the Week, Essjay!

Pre-interview hype!!

How does it feel to be Troop of the Week?

Brenatto’s first question for Essjay was how it felt to be Troop of the Week! Essjay said that it was quite overwhelming and that she wasn’t expecting it at all! She said that it’s an honour to be on the list with so many amazing and wonderful people that she looks up to. How sweet!

How did you find out about RPF?

Bren’s next question for Essjay was how she found out about RPF! She said she was in the Mascot Sightings server and didn’t know a lot about Discord. Steax had dmed her asking if she wanted to join a group that plays cars together. It turned out to be CPR and not a car group! Kinda unfortunate, a car group would be cool :).

How far are you aiming to go in RPF? 

Bren’s next question for Essjay is how far she’s planning to go in RPF. Essjay said that she plans to chill at Colonel right now but plans to apply for Officer Cadet one day! It’ll be exciting to see what Essjay will do in the future!

How did you come up with your username?

Brenatto’s next question for Essjay was how she came up with her username! Essjay responded by saying that her old CPR account started with an S and that she was fond of the name Julia when she was younger. She took the first letter of each name, SJ, and eventually wrote out Essjay. How interesting!

The final question 

If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go to and why?

Bren’s final question for Essjay was: if she could travel anywhere, where would she go and why? Essjay responded that she would love to go to Scotland because of the scenic views, beautiful countrysides, and stunning cliffs! How beautiful….

Unfortunately, we had to conclude our interview with EssJay but she thanked Bren for interviewing her and told our viewers to fight the good fight and be themselves. How sweet! Moving on…


Hey all! It’s me, Brenatto, and I’ll be your host for these last two interviews! Next up, I interviewed Panini when she first became a Third in Command, so let’s see how that all went down!

Getting ready for the interview!

Were you expecting to become Third in Command?

The first thing I asked Panini was whether she expected to become Third in Command. She responds that she definitely wasn’t! In fact, she hadn’t even considered reaching that high of a rank until she found herself at the top of the Officer ranks. I agree that it can be pretty wild – one moment, you’re a new troop taking everything in, and the next, you’re a staff member helping out on the big stage! Time really does fly.

Who was your mentor, and how did they help you?

My next question was who mentored Panini! For those who don’t know, each Officer has a corresponding HCOM to guide them through their staff duties. For Panini, she had Milly (shoutout to her) to teach her everything about becoming a powerhouse of an Officer and proving herself enough to become HCOM! Wives supporting wives; you love to see it (srs and real) :hehe:

What do you hope to achieve in RPF?

Then, I asked Panini about her RPF goals. After all, by becoming HCOM, a whole other world of possibilities to help the army out opens up! Panini says that she’s excited to help the AUSIA region continue to grow and organize creative events. Especially alongside AUSIA HCOM like Cosmo and Milly, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be returning to “15 for post!!!” days anytime soon. I, for one, can’t wait to see what Panini comes up with in the future!

What advice would you give to people looking to be HCOM?

Afterward, Panini gives us some excellent advice for becoming HCOM! The most important thing, she says, is enjoying yourself, especially during those simple troop days. If you just go with the flow while being willing to adapt, you’ll get wherever you want to go. Don’t be too harsh on yourself – like I added, it’s all just Club Penguin! Excellent advice, in my opinion; you all better be writing this down!

Drumroll, please!

If you had a time machine, when would you go to and why?

For one fun last question, I posed to Panini the classic time machine question. Panini gives a unique response in return: she’d run back to when she made some excellent tomato soup, just to have it again! Man, that’s one glowing review! Otherwise, though, she actually gives us some more advice: just live in the moment! #yoloswag #cool #othercringyhashtagshere

Unfortunately, we had to end our interview with Panini, but before the interview ended Panini ended with the wise words of “bonk”.

Z3ming and Royal

For our last interview, we had Cosmo speak with Z3ming and Royal! This was for their promotion to General, so it’ll be a fun little throwback to read through. Special little shoutout to Royal, formerly part of the Troop Interviews team and currently a veteran. o7

’til the end…

How are you?

The Cosmo classic once again! Z3 gives us the classic :good: response, whereas Royal says she’s doing pretty well, too. Cosmo says he’s doing magnificently as well; all good things to hear.

How does it feel to be General?

Cosmo then poses the question of how they’re feeling as Generals (or Head General, as the rank was called). Royal says that it’s pretty crazy, since she never expected it; however, it’s fun to help out more! Z3 answers that it’s awesome to be promoted, especially to a rank that he’s looked up to for so long. As someone watching them both grow, Cosmo says that he’s very proud! Miss you, Royal 🙁

What’s your goal in RPF now?

Being a General is a pretty big turning point in one’s RPF career: will you move onto HCOM or remain an Officer to set an example for others? For Z3, the answer’s no debate – he’s excited to work towards HCOM and fulfill the Jeremy prophecy of becoming Rebel Commander 😎. Meanwhile, Royal says that while she aspires to be HCOM, she wants to wait until her IRL is settled. Big plans for both of them – I wish them the best for what they do in the future :”)

What advice do you have for becoming a high-ranking mod?

For our fourth question, Cosmo asks them to advise troops looking to become stellar Officers. Royal says that perseverance is key; recalling her first run in RPF, she wasn’t able to progress as far as she has now. Z3 explains that it’s important to prove oneself by being active and helping less experienced folks! They agree it’s a balancing act between putting the work in and keeping yourself in check, so keep that in mind, dear readers!

How did you learn about RPF?

Cosmo takes it way back with this question: how did these two come across RPF? Z3 says that he and his friend were messing around on Club Penguin when Wolves tried to recruit him! Unlike most, he did the unthinkable: he actually searched it up later and joined. As for Royal, she logged on in May 2019 and was approached by Aisha! The concept of a stamp group allured Royal enough for her to join (after some struggles). Glad both of them had that nostalgic streak, and shoutout to their recruiters! Cosmo adds that he found RPF looking for mascot trackers, and he decided to troll the server.

Damn, don’t call him out like that…

Do you have any pets?

The final question! Cosmo asks a fun question about our two interviewees’ pets. Z3 says he has a small but lovable dog named Finnegan. Royal has a dog named Lucky and a cat named Marshmallow. They both sound very cute indeed! :goo:

Any last words?

To close off the interview, Z3 gives us a hearty FTGF as well as a quick contest plug! Don’t forget to get your submissions in to anyone with the “Contests” role. Royal gives some words of encouragement to our current troops: RPF couldn’t be the place it is without you guys! What a way to end it all off.

That’s the end of this set of Troop Interviews! Special thanks to you guys for your patience as we wrote this edition. Hope you enjoyed this throwback of a read!

If you have any questions or you would like to be interviewed, contact:
Cosmo, Brenatto, Yvng, Mars, or Sharki!

Reeeeee – Former RPF Lieutenant General
Brenatto – Second in Command


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