This week marks the seventy-third official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently Mars, Cracked, Guinz, and Marie) asks two or more people questions. Interviews won’t have the same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality and have its own unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked to give us a better understanding of each soldier and how different or similar everyone is in the community. There’s an exponential amount of soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hope to see you guys in a post one day!

The five interviewees for this week are Jaeun, Princhi, Manxy, Junebug, and Tom!

Jaeun and Princhi

Hey Rebels! It’s Mars here and I will be your host for this edition of Troop Interviews. To start this off, we have Cracked interviewing our two newest Third in Commands, Jaeun and Princhi! Let’s hop on into it!

What did it feel like to finally go from General to Third in Command?

Jaeun: ngl as a general I always felt like ‘I’m ready for HCOM!! Promote me!!’ but when I actually got there, I realized I still have SO MUCH to learn LOL I was humbled :pfffft: it feels great though, I love having extra responsibilities (no matter how much I complain and cry about them) and i’m happy to represent AUSIA :giggle~3:
Princhi: the day of the promotion was super overwhelming for me. I was already stressed from the battle and trying to figure stuff for the post when they announced it :huh: my brain collapsed and stopped functioning for a good 30 minutes aha. from day one (figuratively speaking) I knew I wanted to go for HCOM but when it actually happened I was like :AAA: i’m not ready!! but rcs knew what they were doing and i’ve settled in since then and am happy to be here :’)
Cracked: Interesting! I can see it being stressful with all the new responsibilities piling up :sweatz~2: so it’s good to see you are both settled in and enjoying that new position!


What are your future plans concerning RPF?

Princhi: uhh :iamlooking: I don’t really have any plans :awk~7: for now I just plan on doing my best in this position and we’ll see where that takes me. I don’t plan on retiring any time soon.
Jaeun: honestly I just plan to help out as much as I can :redface~1: I want to help AUSIA prosper, assist all the teams I’m in (RBT, PPC, contest team, and SMT ily all :ShrekKiss:), and learn more from my fellow HCOMs <3 i’ll be here for both a fun time and a long time LMFAO
Cracked: Going with the flow is always a good thing :8ACOSP_bc_nod: always nice to have you two in the staff team anyway, and I’m sure we’ll see tons of good stuff from you 2 soon™️


What motivated you to stay active when you were a troop?
Jaeun: so i got recruited amidst the covid lockdown, i was stuck in another country and doing online classes so i really had nothing better to do than chat in the server. a big part of why i stayed was the ranking system, though LOL i loved the idea of proving myself and getting promoted to a higher rank every week :pfffft: plus i made a lot of friends along the way; who helped me get comfortable in this server of 12k strangers. not to mention some of my friends and i had the common goal of ranking up and making it to officer :lilacnod:
Princhi: i’m a corona baby (shoutout to the April 8th gang) so at first it was not being able to go out and just being like “i’m so bored, idk what to do. let’s see what this penguin group thing is doing!” i started spending more and more time in main and slowly made friends. there was also some big battle vs acp not too long after that we won and the atmosphere in chat after that was amazing. everyone was super happy and i felt a very strong sense of community :’) the whole thing seemed a little comical to me but i thought :oop: this is pretty cool and the rest is history :boomer:
Cracked: Lockdown definitely helped bring some amazing people like you both (and me too aha) to RPF :heartforyou: Love that main chat made you feel welcome, it’s not as scary as it seems, people just wanna vibe :hehe~5:Ranks are also a very nice incentive to keep up with events for sure! Makes it all so much more fun :rebelfistpump:


What’s your favorite thing to do as staff?
Princhi: Event posts were always my favorite thing :cutesobs: I like counting during events as well, even though it can be a headache sometimes.
Jaeun: Event posting for me as well :greennod: postingrights4hcom :PensiveNoNod:
Princhi: let us post!! LMFAO
Jaeun: omg i LOVED counting too, like in flash era when we’d count every single penguin and then die when there’s 2-3 people bunched together
Cracked: LOL. Event posts are really fun to make ngl, counting is nice too but the bunching isn’t cool!!! :HUverymadandangrysmileyguy: No HCOM posting rights :7acosp_pointandlaugh:


Any final words?

Jaeun: yw! thank you for the interview as well <33 remember to attend AUSIA events! :tough:

Princhi: thank you for putting up with my slow replies, and to the reader: remember to have fun and that irl > penguins. Have a güd day/afternoon/night!


Next up Guinz had the opportunity to interview Manxy on their recent promotion to Officer! Keep on reading to hear all about her adjustment to the new staff responsibilities!

How long have you been in RPF?

Manxy: Just over 1 year! I joined on aug 22, 2020


What’s your favorite RPF memory?

Manxy: I really enjoyed the 14th anniversary celebrations! that was around the time when I actually started being active in RPF so it was one of the first big things that I can remember being a part of!


How does it feel to have become an Officer?

Manxy: It feels good being an officer and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve always wondered what goes on behind the scenes in RPF so I’m glad I finally get to experience what it’s like!


Why do you think you earned Officer rank?

Manxy: Ahhh I was promoted in the middle of the LCXI tournaments and I tried really hard to hype, recruit, and just overall be active and attend events so I think that definitely helped. But other than that I was just doing what I normally do like talking in chat and helping out whenever I can!


What advice would you give to other troops who aspire to be Officer?

Manxy: hmm I’d say being active is a great place to start, like talking in chat and attending events. Being attentive and helping others out is important too but also don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever you need it and listen to the advice that you’re given!


What are you looking forward to now that you are a part of RPF staff?

Manxy: I’m really looking forward to doing more behind the scenes stuff that really make RPF fun for the troops. I’m already in SMT but I definitely plan on applying to other team when I get the chance! It feel really good seeing troops attending events, being active, and overall enjoying their time in RPF and I’d love to keep making RPF welcoming and fun for them!


If you could transform into any living creature, what would you like to be?

Manxy: Definitely a cat lol I feel like it would be nice to just do nothing and nap all day hehe it seems very peaceful.


Any final words?

Manxy: INSERT EMOTE JK LMAO ty for the interview and remember to hydrate!

Junebug and Tom

Last but nonetheless, our newest member to the interview team, Marie, got to interview our two newest Troop Of The Weeks! We got to hear both Junebug and Tom’s RPF journey and a bit about their experience as TOTW. Without further ado let’s dive on into it!

How long have you been in RPF?

Tom: I’ve been here since start of June this year

Junebug: I have been in RPF since June of 2020, June is the best month to join.

Marie: Very nice, glad you guys are both here :’) (also Junebug I say January is, not being biased).


How did you feel when you got announced as a TOTW?

Junebug: I was shocked

Tom: It felt really good. I had been out when I got TOTW so coming back to see that I had got it was a pleasant surprise

Junebug: I had been away on the day I was announced too. It was so nice to see all the sweet comments.

Tom: Yeah, it really was

Marie: Very glad to hear! So proud of both of you :greennod: it’s really nice coming back to being rewarded!


What’s your favorite memory as a troop so far?

Junebug: Wow, there have been so many it is really hard to choose. Most recently the Olympics was so much fun and we had the best team. Machairi RULES FOREVER. The battles are my favorite so it is hard to choose just one. I love being part of a winning army tho.

Tom: For me, it was this years RPF Olympics. I had a lot of fun competing against everyone and managing to win my first ever Olympics was pretty good. Team Machairi Rules.

Junebug: PLUS TOM was MVP!!!

Tom: Yeah, that was cool being MVP for our team but it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of everyone else on the team as well!

Marie: Very good answers and I would have to agree! Olympics was very fun to experience and you guys did amazing throughout the whole week :wholesome~1: Team Machairi rules indeed!


What do you plan to achieve next in RPF?

Junebug: I plan to attend events and hang out in chat. RPF is my stress relief from school and so having fun and meeting new people is my plan right now.

Tom: Currently my plan is to just keep attending events to try and rank up as much as possible. I’m starting back uni soon though, so we’ll need to see what happens but I will definitely try to stay active.

Marie: Good stuff 🙂 we love seeing you guys active and having a lot of spirit! can’t wait to see how far you guys will go! :rpfloving:


Any final words?

Junebug: fight the good fight??? LOL, thanks Marie!!! :loving~1: GL with Uni Tomtom

Tom: I can’t think of any good last words apart from Fight the Good Fight as well. Thanks Marie for interviewing us! Also thanks, hope school is going well for you too.

Marie: Yes, fight the good fight. :RPFSalute: No problem and thank you to both of you as well! Very proud of how much you both achieved in RPF. <3 I’ll let you guys get back to your activities now.

That’s a wrap on this edition of Troop Interviews! Thank you to everyone who read all of the interesting interviews, and I hope to see you all again next time. Bye Rebels!

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Mars, Cracked, Guinz, or Marie.

Marie ~ Major General

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