This week marks the thirty-ninth official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently are Amadeus23, Marija, Track, MissMariss, and Klein) ask two or more individuals questions. These questions that are asked may not be the same throughout each interview as it is wanted for each interview to be original and have its own unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked are to achieve a better understanding of each rebel and how different/similar everyone is to one another. There are many rebels here in the Rebel Federation, as you may know, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests to be interviewed.


Firstly, Kellis was interviewed by Marija! After they established they were ready, the interviewing could begin!

Marija started with a casual question: How is your life going? Kellis appears to be be in a positive mood!

Marija asks a tough question next: Who’s your favourite RF member?  Kellis claims former Rebel Commander, Left, recalling her memory of him being cool and natural. Left will be missed! 🙁

Marija asks for Kellis’ favourite tactic during RF CP events. Kellis quickly replies with the bomb, claiming it always looked cool. I completely agree!

Marija’s final question is about pets! Kellis owns 3 cats called Meggie, Gus and Sunny. Cute names, but as someone who owns 4 cats, I know they can’t be easy to look after!

Marija wraps up by asking for any additions from Kellis, who had nothing to add. We can all agree with Marija that Kellis was outstanding! 😀



Lastly, Superdan1000 was interviewed by me, Trackling. After I energetically hyped up the interview, we could begin! Also, Superdan1000 has been waiting excitedly and impatiently for his interview opportunity!

Firstly, I casually begin asking for the reason Superdan1000 joined. He replied just for fun and that we are the first army he joined! I can relate! 😀

Next I asked for his favourite hobbies, in which he replied video games, Anime and his dogs. All very fun hobbies!

It turns out that he also answered my next question so I had to improvise! I asked for more information on his dogs. Superdan1000 owns 3 female dogs, Tussa (Basset), Klarinha and Puka (Straw Dog). That’s a lot of dogs! 😮

Nearly done! I asked for his dream ambition and he replied an Indie Developer. He’s currently working on Voice Acting for his friend’s Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game! Awesome, let’s wish him luck on it!

Finally I asked if he’s made any great achievements in life and after a slight struggle to remember, he remembers he won 1st place in Math Olympics in Middle School, congratulations! We can all agree that Superdan1000 was a great sport! 😀



That wraps up this week’s interviews!

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Amadeus23, Marija, MissMariss, Track or Klein.

~Trackling, RNM Interviewer 


Fighting the Good Fight since October 25th 2017. I also hold the Universal Record for Biggest Forehead.

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