This week marks the seventy-eigth official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently Yvng, Cracked, Guinz, Emerald, and Sharki) ask two or more people questions. Interviews won’t have the same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality and have its unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked give us a better understanding of each member and how different or similar everyone is in the community. There’s an exponential amount of members here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hope to see you guys in a post one day!

The four interviewees for this week are TexasToast, Quix, Gabi, and Maggie.


Hey there! I’m Cracked and, as your host for today’s Troop Interviews edition, I’ll be guiding you through all the interviews that our team conducted. First up, EmeraldGreen interviewed our newly promoted Officer, TexasToast. Let’s see how Texas feels regarding their promotion!

How are you feeling today?

TexasToast: I’m feeling alright had a very nice day with family.

Emerald: Really glad to hear it, family time is always nice to spend :greennod: oo btw were y’all celebrating thanksgiving together?

Texas: Yes we were; the food was very good.

Emerald: Cutee, sounds like a really good time :goo~1:

How does it feel to join the officer team and become an officer yourself?

Texas: It feels pretty good. It’s quite a bit of fun to be apart of the officer team and help with some of the behind the scenes stuff regular troops don’t see.

Emerald: Oh for sure! I found it fun to be included as part of the team here and the projects that were so mysterious to me in my olden troop days! I had a blast learning all about the steps that went into the staff team and lending a hand whenever I can 🙂 It’s really nice to hear you enjoying your experience so far, especially since you successfully climbed the rank from Officer Cadet:party:!!

Why do you believe you earned the Officer rank and the promo to Brigadier General?

Texas: When I first started off as a cadet I didn’t do very well, but as the weeks went on I tried my best to take all the feedback my awesome mentor alienn gave me and apply it. This helped me to get better and overall be good enough to become and officer.

Emerald: Honestly I wasn’t the best either starting off as cadet, it was all thanks to my awesome mentor ash (miss you) that helped me get on the right path to reach my goals! Cadet is like a staff-in-training rank so there is some flexibility for you to improve upon yourself and get into the rhythm of being a staff member! Super glad that you could make those adjustments (s/o to alienn :CuteBearThumbsup: ) from the feedback to help show that you can be part of the team and do an amazing job at it too 😀 can’t wait to see it takes you in the RPF staff team!

How different do you feel being staff compared to being a troop?

Texas: It’s not too different, I just have more to do and feel more obligated to be active in the server.

Emerald: Yeahh for some people, the only difference between staff and troop is the duties that come with it! As long as you’re enjoying your time here though, that’s a valid way to look at it :winkk: One thing to add is that its always neat to see the troops ranking up and eventually deciding to join the staff team! Shows how time flies (and I feel older by it LOL) You really gave it your all as a cadet and I’m really excited to see where you plan on going after it 🙂

What are your plans in RPF that you’re looking forward to as a part of staff?

Texas: I’m honestly not sure but definitely just doing my job and getting better at it. I guess I will just see what happens.

Emerald: That’s valid! Sometimes the best path to take is to go with the flow and see where it takes you! Hopefully you’ll be content with your future path though where ever it takes you.

For the final million dollar question (million dollars not included): What is your favourite food?

Texas: My favourite food has got to be chicken. I love all kinds of chicken whether it is grilled or fried and probably eat it way too often lol.

Emerald: Chicken goes really well with a lot of things LOL baked chicken is also really good! I was half expecting ‘toast’ as an answer but ig no eating your fellow toasts!!

Texas: Yeah im honestly not a big fan of toast it makes me sick.

Emerald: LOOL quite the plot twist.

Any final words before we wrap up the interview?

Texas: Ur mom :8ACOSP_Shy:

Emerald: Very beautiful final words, couldn’t relate more. Tysm for letting me interview you today and congrats again on Brigadier Officer! Can’t wait to work alongside you (and your mom ofc)!! Have a great rest of your day 😀

Texas: You too 😀


Next up, we can see Yvng interviewed Quix regarding their recent induction as Troop of the Week. Let’s hear Quix’s thoughts on the news!

How does it feel to have become Troop of the Week?

Quix: Feels pretty epic ngl I like being recognized for my work.

Yvng: You def put in a lot of hard work this week so glad you feel great about it.  

Why do you think you earned Troop of the Week?

Quix: Well ever since I’ve joined about a month ago all ive been doing is practically living on this server haha, that and participating in anything i can uwu.

Yvng: Yeah you been very active ever since you joined LOL, its lovely seeing you in chat!!

What advice would you give to other troops who aspire to be Troop of the Week?

Quix: Mm I guess just be as active as you can, have fun and be as uplifting for others as possible :> Positivity attracts more positivity!

Yvng: That’s some hot advice, Troops def take notes. :Fire: 

If you could lead your own event, how would you create it?

Quix: CPR related? No clue. In general? Probably like to do an arts based event, either teaching people about animation or having fun drawing stupid stuff.

Yvng: oooo that sounds fun, I would attend an event like that myself. :winkk:

Now that you earned TOTW, what goals/ranks do you hope to achieve in RPF?

Quix: I wanna climb to the top, baybee! lmaoo Maybe not HCOM (for now), so Colonel FTW! I also definitely wanna integrate my art in here somehow, whether that’s through emotes or otherwise.

Yvng: Got you, can’t wait to see how your journey in RPF unfolds. :RPFSalute:

Any last words you want to give before we wrap this up?

Quix: Not really, other than thank you!

Gabi and Maggie

To finish up, Sharki interviewed both Maggie and Gabi in order to gather their point of view regarding their fresh promotion to Officer Cadet. Let’s see what the pair had to say about this!

How are y’all doing?

Gabi: I’m good sharki! how are you?

Maggie: Doing greatttt having a great day!!

Sharki: I’m doing great tyty !!

How does it feel to have become an Officer Cadet?

Maggie: It feels great! I’m very proud to be where I am 🙂

Gabi: I’m really excited about it :goo~1: I was a lil overwhelmed at first but I think i’m settling into it now.

Sharki: Yea for sure it’s a really exciting rank to be at especially cuz it’s the first step to staff! I made my fav memories as a cadet so I hope y’all are making them too :AA:

Why do you think you earned Officer Cadet?

Gabi: I think a lot of hard work and strong attendence throughout my rpf career! I’m thrilled that hcom feel they can trust me to begin to learn how to moderate the server, especially since my time here has been relatively brief.  

Maggie: I think I earned it because I put in effort and genuinely care about the community and enjoy being in RPF. I also think it’s because I make conversation pretty easily so I can make sure everyone feels welcomed.

Sharki: Yes i’m really glad hcom chose you guys, you both are extremely friendly and welcoming in our server which is really nice to see :’)

How long have you been a part of RPF?

Maggie: 4 months I’m pretty sure!

Gabi: I still feel super new tbh! I joined up on the 7th of september, so just under 3 months atm, and then did a speed run of the ranks the amount of people who are surprised that I haven’t been around longer is surprisingly high.

Maggie: I speed ran them too lol but when you have passion and enjoy something, it feels natural.

Gabi: I saw that promo form every week like :redface~1:

Sharki: For sure maggie, it’s easy to lose track of time tbh you don’t really realize how long you have been here till you actually think about it.

Gabi: That’s very true! It feels like its been a couple of weeks tops.

What’s your favorite RPF memory?

Gabi: oooh good question! There’s been so many high points! I think WOW week was a really good one, especially as it was topped off with me getting totw! but I also really enjoyed halloween week, and of course getting the ping that i had reached cadet!!

Maggie: My favorite memory is any of the vc led events because they are super fun and interactive! I also enjoyed when TexasToast invited me to RPF because it was like the start of something new, and of course the cadet ping.

Sharki: aww cute gabi i know that a lot of the themed weeks are always the cutest so im glad you love them :goo~1: and maggie im glad you like vc led events its fun listening to hcom lead (let mods vc lead once) and texas thank you for recruiting maggie (shoutout)

Who is your favorite staff member? (besides me of course because im number one)

Gabi: aww I would feel too bad to answer that! especially as there are so many who I have never really spoken too! basically I love everyone but yvng who decided to be an overachiever, get promoted to hcom, and ditch me as mentee :angry~1: all jokes aside all the staff is super cool and I really respect all the work they do for the server!!

Maggie: i hate to choose but since I am closest to aliennn, I’m going with her! From the minute I got to the server she has welcomed me with open arms and has been super sweet and helpful throughout my time in RPF!

Gabi: alienn is super friendly to be around! i think she was the first one to really make me feel welcome too!

Maggie: In all honesty, all of the staff are friendly and sweet and super coo lugo talk! I feel like we’re all like a big family that fights as a joke but loves each other at the end of the day.

Sharki: aww well its ok yvng sux!!!

  Gabi: I have a lot of respect to the staff for dealing with me lol especially as I sometimes get a lil carried away with things and do things I maybe shouldn’t – I am working on it though!! hcom if you’re reading this i’m trying to get in less trouble and it seems to be going well atm!

Sharki: im glad you guys like staff especially because yall could be staff next  alienn is definitely amazing and im so glad that you guys love her because she definitely deserves it :heartforyou:

Gabi: :coolflushed: perhaps, gotta make the cut as cadet first though!

Maggie: trueeee soon!

Sharki: Thank you guys for letting me interview you guys today and congrats again on your cadet promo 🙂

That’s how today’s edition of Troop Interviews ends!

Thanks for reading all the interviews, hope to see you all next time!

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Yvng, Cracked, Guinz, Emerald, and Sharki.

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