Troop Interviews – Woogsy, Steax, Sarah, Toia

Troop Interviews

This week marks the fifty-second official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently Cosmo, and Royal) ask two or more people questions. Interviews won’t all have the same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality and have its unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked are intended to give us a better understanding of each soldier and how different or similar everyone is in the community. There’s an exponential amount of soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hope to see you guys in a post one day!

The four interviewees for this week are Woogsy, Steax, Sarah & Toia!!


Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of Troop interviews! Where we interview troops and new staff members and even Veterans!! Today I, Cosmo, will be your host starting our first interview with Woogsy, our newest member of our Officer team! Let’s just jump right in and see what she’s got for us!

Are you ready, kids? Aye aye, Captain!!

How did Woogs find RPF/Who recruited Woogs?
Royal’s first question to Woogsy was asking her how she found RPF. To which, she replied that it was a bright and shiny Friday evening!! She had just rediscovered Club Penguin and she saw a bunch of penguins in town, with her first reaction naturally being surprised . She asked what was happening and Brenatto was the first person to notice and help Woogsy find the RPF!

Did Woogs think she’d ever reach Officer when she first joined?
The next question that Royal asked Woogs was if she thought that she’d ever reach the Officer rank or carry out a lot here, or if it was more of a “go with the flow” type of thing. Woogsy said that she immediately got into RPF because of how the community itself is. She felt as if she was lacking a feeling of community, being stuck at home for days because of the pandemic, so when she found RPF it was like a new, super chill family. But Woogs realised that somehow along the way, she found herself helping the community in ways she didn’t think she would, helping and recruiting new troops, and that was when she realised that she had an interest in possibly becoming a member of the RPF staff! Look at you now!! Green Woogs!!!

What does Woogsy hope to achieve as an Officer, and how does it feel becoming one?
The next question Royal asked Woogs was what she hopes to achieve as an Officer, and of course, how it feels to be one. She said, now that she’s a moderator, she wants to help make RPF feel even more like a community that every new person can come to and enjoy! Aside from the many duties she now has to perform as an Officer, the most important thing to her, is to focus on staying true to herself, as she rises through the Officer ranks. Continuing to work just as hard as she did to get there, and even harder than she initially did! She’ll continue to build friendships with troops and grow the relationship that she already has with our amazing staff members!

Woogs says that becoming a moderator is definitely a wowzer moment! She let us know she’s just grateful for all the amazing members of the RPF that helped her achieve this! She’s very excited to get to work! Royal says Woogs4hcom??? Woogs says she didn’t think she’d get officer but she did????? So Woogs for HCOM perhaps???? (srs))

What does Woogsy love the most about Pikachu, and why is it her go-to profile picture?

Ah yes, the topic of profile pictures is very sacred, in my opinion, you’re recognised by the character in your profile pictures a lot! And Woogs has the widely beloved Pikachu as hers. So Royal asked her what she loves the most about Pikachu, and why she uses it as her profile picture. Woogs told us that Pikachu is just so loveable and cute. When she joined Discord she really just had to think of a good profile picture to use, so she started to think back to her childhood, and Pokemon was one of the things she grew up with! And she’s glad that she’s stuck with Pikachu this whole time!! Wow, Royal used to have over a hundred Pokemon cards… and I had a looooot of them but my mum gave them away… :((
But moving on!

Sadly our fun interview with Woogs was about to come to an end, but before that I’d like to thank our sponsors, RAID SHADO- Just kidding! Woogs shared her last words before the interview concluded.

She thanked Royal for the amazing interview! And had nothing else to add other than that she loves Royal and that’s lucky to be a fellow greenie with her! Royal hopes that her and Woogs get HCOM together one day… (#Woogs4hcom & Royal too?????????) But that’s all from Woogs!

Steax & Sarah

Next up, we have our NEWEST HCOM: Steax and Sarah with a joint interview! Much like what we did a few editions back! So sit back, and start reading! Without further ado, let’s hop right in!

I took these two by surprise (I told them I was firing one of them and )

How are Sarah and Steax?

We all know my favourite question to ask! And that is: “How are you?” So that’s what I asked our newest Third In Commands! Sarah said she’s doing alright! And Steax said they’re Ok (Ok with capital O means great) and they both asked me how I am, and I am Ok too!!

Did Steax & Sarah think they’d reach HCOM?

The next question that I asked these two was if they ever thought they’d be HCOM. Steax tells us that if we had asked them a year ago, they’d have probably said no, because before the pandemic, they mostly lurked (wait is Steax, “cheesesteax”?) and that they didn’t want to be a moderator initially, but, since becoming more active, they always wanted to be HCOM!
Sarah said that she thinks she eventually would’ve gotten it, which is definitely true since she’s been such a great staff member for so long!

What HCOM job are Sarah & Steax looking to forward to participating in?

Next, I asked both of them about what parts of HCOM duties they’re most looking forward to doing. Steax said that they’re looking forward to promoting people! They said it’s always fun to see chat after promotions, when everyone is hyped as heck!!
Sarah said her favourite part is probably leading events. That’s just something she thought was fun! And my favourite part is firing people but let’s not talk about that…

How long were Steax & Sarah Officers for?

I asked how long these two stayed an Officer for, as it’s natural to spend some time in the Officer ranks before eventually levelling up to HCOM. Sarah said she joined RPF back in December. She joined as a Brigadier General, so she was an Officer for nine months. It was a fun ride, in her opinion!
Steax said that they were an Officer for 7 months, they became an Officer back in early April!
It’s always lovely to see Officers grow up from green ranks to HCOM ones! =]]

How different do Steax & Sarah feel, having their name’s colour change from Green to Yellow?

In my next question, I asked how these two felt having their name colours changed in the RPF Discord, from green, to yellow. Steax said that they think Yellow is hot!
Sarah said that it’s definitely different, but she’ll get used to it! She also thinks Yellow is hot… but I don’t know guys, I think Private First Class is the best rank and colour out there!

What advice would Steax & Sarah share with troops who want to be HCOM someday?

My last question was asking our new Third in Commands if there’s any advice they’d share to troops who aspire to be HCOM someday. And this is what they had to share:
Sarah said don’t push yourself too hard, just go with the flow, and be sure to have fun! Being an Officer is great! Which I do agree with, my favourite part of my RPF journey was probably being an Officer!
Steax said not to lose hope, everyone takes a different amount of time getting to staff, and also to enjoy being a troop as much as you can!

Before I finished off my interview with these two, I asked if they had something to add before finishing off…
Sarah said that NAVY OWNS and FTGF!
Steax said that AIR FORCE BEST FORCE and FTGF!
Then I thanked them for their time and the interview concluded. Anyways, moving on…


The last person to be interviewed in this edition is none other than Toia!! Our current Troop of the week! Anyways, let’s see what Toia had to say!

Everyone is so hyped to get interviewed!

How does it feel to be the Troop of the Week?

Royal’s first question to Toia was asking how she feels to be the Troop of the Week! Toia told us that she’s “a little bit static”, she wasn’t expecting to get it anytime soon, but she’s very happy! Sadly she was feeling a bit down this week =[, but RPF has great timing! And this was sure to have lifted her mood!

How exactly did Toia find RPF? What made her want to stay?

Royal asked Toia about how she found RPF (or who recruited her), and what made her want to say. Toia answered that she was doing a bit of stamp hunting with some strangers on CPR, and out nowhere, this unnamed penguin comes in asking if this stamp hunting gang would like to participate in a cool cp group

This penguin was none other than MissyZ!! Toia had to create a Discord account, ’cause she didn’t have one at that moment. She stayed in RPF because she thought it would be a cool opportunity to come out of her shell, and as she said in her TOTW speech, she’s quite competitive! So she wanted to rank up as fast as she can. Toia also tells us that Missy was very patient, because Toia had a hard time finding the website, but Missy stayed with her the whole time! Missy is a quality recruiter for sure. And all the best to you on your journey through the ranks, Toia!!

Why does Toia think she earned Troop of the Week?
Royal’s next question to Toia was asking Toia why she thinks she earned TOTW. Toia joked that it’s “cause no one else was available” LOL! She replied that it’s a tricky question, but she thinks it’s because she’s been pretty active in the #art channel, and in these few past contests, and she’s also hoping to win something on the fan art contest as well! So all the best to Toia on this!

What does Toia love the most about art?

Royal asked Toia what she loves the most about art. Toia replied by saying she likes it “when you can find a way to express yourself when you don’t have the right words to describe it”, and that with art, there’s just an “infinite world” of things you can do!

Beautiful, I definitely agree with this! (I wish I knew how to draw =[). Toia says maybe you just want to send a really deep message, or maybe you just wanted to draw a puppy! There’s just no rules or boundaries to the world of art!

What are some fun facts about Toia?

Royal’s last request was some fun facts about Toia! Toia said this is like in class, when the teacher randomly asks for a fun fact about you… and you don’t know what to say! LOL. I feel this on a spiritual level . Anyways… Toia said here that she should’ve saved her art until this point… but then we wouldn’t have gotten to appreciate it earlier on!! So Toia shared some other facts with us, that she likes to bake, and her birthday is tomorrow too! (Well, the day after the interview). She was thinking of making pie and cupcakes for her family!! Yummy! In this quarantine time, she really started to do other stuff, especially if it involved Disney related foods!!

This is the saddest part, where we have to conclude an interview =[. But before Royal finished off her interview, she asked Toia if she had anything to say, to which Toia replied by thanking everyone in RPF for making her days better! You’re welcome Toia!! RPF is always here for everyone and for you!

Thank you all for reading this interview! Until next time…

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Cosmo, Royal.

~ Cosmo, RPF Rebel Commander


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