Troop Of The Week #140

Troop Of The Week #140

We’ve had an exciting week in the Rebel Penguin Federation, with many fun events this week, after winning the CPAM Finals! We had many new faces join our ranks this week, but one troop who really stood out to us for this week. This week’s Troop Of The Week is…

Catty joined us in February 2020, and has been a fun troop to have here in the RPF! At the rank of Corporal, she attends events and aims towards making friends in main chat. Catty attends lots of fun events and tries to maintain a positive environment in the main chat, and overall she’s an ideal troop. Catty has taken us by storm as our newest Troop of the Week!

Good job this week, Catty!

Be sure to give a big congratulations to Catty, if you see her in chat!


Hey, if you're reading this, congratulations, you just lost the game


  1. Ay congratulations, it’s a celebration
    Party all day, I know you’ve been waitin’
    Ay congratulations, it’s a celebration
    I just wanna tell you that I think that you’re amazin’!

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