Troop Of The Week #145

Troop Of The Week #145

We’ve had an exciting week in the Rebel Penguin Federation so far. We’ve had new faces join our server and move up the ranks this week, but there’s one troop who really stood out to us. This week’s Troop Of The Week is…

Brad joined us back in September, and despite being a visitor for a while, he recently came back and became an outstanding troop! At the rank of Colonel, he always attends events and makes sure recruits are settling in well in chat. Brad is clearly very dedicated and a hard worker, which is why he deserves Troop Of The Week! Congrats!

Great work this week, Brad!

Be sure to give a big congratulations to Brad, if you see him in chat!


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  1. Brad 🙂

  2. congrats Colonel sir!

  3. Congrats Brad! Keep fighting the good fight!

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