Troop of the Week #166

Troop Of The Week #166

It’s been a fun and fulfilling week in the Rebel Penguin Federation, while we continue prepare for yet another gritty tournament against tough opponents. Thank you to everybody who has been working hard to keep the RPF such a great place! Though many troops and staff members alike performed their duties excellently this week, one truly triumphed above them all…

Crypto joined us in early October and has been an amazing troop ever since. Currently at the rank of Lance Corporal, Crypto is always doing her best to contribute to the RPF. From hyping and attending events, or just simply being a friendly face in chat, Crypto consistently demonstrates exceptional qualities! Because of all her hard work, it’s question that she earned this week’s important title, and we are proud to make her our 166th Troop of the Week!

Make sure to congratulate Crypto when you see her in chat!


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