Troop of the Week #167

It’s been a fun and fulfilling week so far in the Rebel Penguin Federation, while we prepare for the Fright or Fight finals against tough opponents. Thank you to everybody who has worked hard to keep the RPF such a great place! Though troops and staff members alike performed excellently this week, one truly triumphed above them all…

Jaeun joined the Rebel Penguin Federation mid-July, and she currently stands at the rank of Colonel. Ever since she joined, she’s attended every event possible for her. She works to hype up chat before these events, and even besides that, she’s a friendly face for anyone to see in chat. With all of these qualities in mind, giving Jaeun the title of this week’s Troop of the Week is a clear decision!

Be sure to congratulate Jaeun when you see her in chat!


on a scale of one to pog, this is pretty champ

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  1. Congratulations, Jeaun!

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