Troop of the Week #179

With the passing of another great week in the Rebel Penguin Federation, we circle back to the unveiling of yet another troop who has earned Troop of the Week! Its been a fun  filled week, with all kinds of different events and great chats with the lovely people in this server.  Everyone has been a delight to see around and outstanding rebels, but the one person that really stood out is…

Mariebeth, currently sitting at Private First Class, joined this server about 2 weeks ago and has been an outstanding rebel since. In their short time here, they have made a pleasant impression to troops and staff alike. From their interactions with people and overall kind and sweet attitude, to giving it their all at events, they really stood out this week. HCOM sees them as a model Rebel and see great things from them in the future, very proud to announce them as this week’s Troop of the Week!


Alors On Danse!

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  1. Congrats mariebeth! So happy for you.

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