Troop of the Week #193

Troop of the Week #193

Another excellent week has gone by in the Rebel Penguin Federation! Filled with creative events, new faces, and fun, our community grows stronger day by day. Every rebel has been putting forth their best effort to support us, but it comes time to pick just one troop who stood out. Let’s not delay: this week’s Troop of the Week is…

Chad joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in October 2020 and currently sits at the rank of Officer Cadet. While on the quieter side, his own contributions to the rebellion have not been unappreciated! He makes his best effort to attend events and reach out to troops both new and old. Without a doubt, his hard work makes him an excellent candidate for this week’s Troop of the Week!

Be sure to congratulate Chad when you see him in chat!


on a scale of one to pog, this is pretty champ

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