Troop of the Week #196

As always, another excellent week has gone by in the Rebel Penguin Federation! Every troop has done their best to support the rebellion by attending events, strengthening our community, and recruiting. Of course, however, there’s only one troop we can select to be Troop of the Week. No more beating around the bush: #196 goes to:

Zawa joined at the beginning of this month, and she’s been a great member of RPF ever since! Currently, she sits at the rank of Lance Corporal, though there’s no doubt that she’ll climb even further. By attending events and being a kind person in chat, most everyone can agree that she does her part to support the community. That’s something HCOM won’t let go unnoticed, and so we have decided to make her this week’s Troop of the Week!

Be sure to congratulate Zawa when you see her in chat!


on a scale of one to pog, this is pretty champ

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