Troop of the Week #210

Troop of the Week #210

After a long week of Summer Olympics events, Friday rolls around once more. Everyone’s been working hard to support their teams and compete for those medals, but now it’s time to unwind with an RPF tradition: Troop of the Week! One person in particular has stood out among all the rest, and that is…

Chaie has been a member for around two months – since June 2021 – and is currently at the rank of Lieutenant. Though quiet, their event attendance has been stellar, especially as an AUSIA troop. This week in particular, HCOM has taken note of how they’ve come out of their shell to support their team, Caduceus. With these factors in mind, we hereby award Chaie the prestigious title of Troop of the Week!

Make sure you congratulate Chaie when you see them in chat!


on a scale of one to pog, this is pretty champ

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