Troop of the Week #227

Troop of the Week #227

Happy Friday and Christmas Eve! After a fun and festive week with Rebel Grinchmas, the Rebel Penguin Federation is ready to celebrate the holidays. So many Rebels showed great holiday spirit and worked hard towards the Santa’s checklist, but only one Rebel could receive TOTW. This week’s Troop of the Week is


Joel has been in the Rebel Penguin Federation since September of 2021 and is currently at the rank of Captain. Joel has always been a friendly and kind person in main chat!  His spirit and participation, not only this week, but throughout his time here, has not gone unnoticed. It is without a doubt that Joel is a great Troop Of The Week!

Make sure you congratulate him when you see him in chat.


Making friends, collecting stamps, and having fun!

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