Troop of the Week #241

Kicking off March Madness, recruiting battalions, new contests, and various server shenanigans make for a busy week in the Rebel Penguin Federation, but nothing stops the announcement of Troop of the Week! One rebel stood out among the rest, showing their dedication and spirit to help RPF’s success, and HCOM has chosen them to be this week’s Troop of the Week…..

That’s right, this week’s Troop of the Week is nobody. Due to RUSTEZE41’s recent and absolutely terrible suggestion to have multiple Troops of the Week, HCOM has decided that instead, we should have no one at all. In fact, the suggestion was so incredibly stupid, that RUSTEZE41 has been muted for 28 days to think about his actions. Even for someone who joined RPF one week ago, and is only at the rank of Corporal, we expect much better from our community. He’s not at all a friendly face in chat and never fails to annoy everyone, whether it be by saying KACHOW, being dumb enough to believe that Rebel Bot is actually self-aware, or EXCESSIVELY TYPING IN CAPS LOCK. His irritating presence and constantly being a nuisance have driven HCOM to be sure that nobody should be this week’s Troop of the Week.

Make sure you congratulate ABSOLUTELY NO ONE when you see them in chat!

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