Troop of the Week #244

Troop of the Week #244

In our second week of bouncing back after the CP Rewritten shutdown, we’ve hosted a variety of fun events to keep troops’ spirits up until CPA Battleground is released tomorrow! So many eager and enthusiastic faces both new and old have been coming out to our events and striking up a conversation in main chat. For Troop of the Week #244, one troop stood out in particular….

This week’s Troop of the Week is Eclaireenah! Currently at the rank of Corporal, Eclaireenah is a friendly face in our main chat and has been attending our events amidst our transition to a new CPPS! Having been in RPF for just under two weeks, she’s already been a great troop in the community and we invite all members to join us in congratulating Eclaireenah as this week’s Troop of the Week!

Make sure you congratulate Eclaireenah when you see her in chat!


You're doing amazing sweetie

One Comment:

  1. Eclaireenah🌸🐧

    Thank you so much for this award 🐧
    I really did not expect this one but I’m very grateful for being chosen as the troop of the week 🤗
    I would really want to continue making friends in our community. Let’s have more fun!

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