Troop of the Week #256

It’s been another awesome week in RPF! We’ve had some fun themed events, as well as some great training events as we prepare for the upcoming LCXII Tournament. Now that Friday has finally come, it’s time to announce this week’s Troop of the Week…


Ellabella855 joined us late June 2020 and currently sits at the rank of Colonel! She’s always had a very friendly and sweet presence in main chat. Her efforts to attend events and help RPF for such a long time haven’t gone unnoticed! With this overarching and consistent support and her kind actions and words towards others in mind, it’s no doubt that Ellabella855 deserves to be Troop of the Week #256!

Make sure to congratulate Ellabella855 when you see her in main chat!


Making friends, collecting stamps, and having fun!

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