Troop of the Week #257

What an exciting week we had, rebels! These past few days, not only have we seen the usual fun-filled costume events, but also intense invasions as we claim land on the new map and get ready to face the Templars in the upcoming war. Friday brings along the announcement of a new Troop of the Week…

jjsnowflake enlisted in April 2020 and is currently at the rank of Colonel. From the start, jjsnowflake has been a friendly face in chat, and can often be seen sharing their incredible work in the art channel, as well as yummy self-made food recipes in the food channel. They have even been featured in the RBT’s Art Column quite a few times! On top of all this, jjsnowflake is a reliable troop whose hard work throughout their stay in RPF has not gone unnoticed. Because of this, it should be no surprise that jjsnowflake is a perfect fit for the title of Troop of the Week #257!

Be sure to congratulate jjsnowflake when you see them in chat!


War, war never changes.

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