Troop of the Week #259

Another week, another awesome set of events and activities! As this week has been steadying itself for the upcoming Olympics, we have been continuing business as usual. Lots of troops are hyped and excited for what RPF has to offer as we head into our next exciting phase of the year, yet there is one person who certainly stood out from the crowd. Introduce you to our next Troop Of The Week…

Mariomania642 joined the rebellion late July and while they might be on the quieter side, their attendance and enthusiasm has not gone un-noticed! Sitting at the rank of Private, Mario has started to shine during our war events by attending and overall taking a stand for the community! Having a nice presence in main when they do appear, they also been making an effort by showing their support in main during this time as well! We would be delighted for Mario to keep enjoying their stay at the server and continue to rank up and experience what else we have to offer! All of these points have deduced to Mario being the perfect fit for the title of Troop Of The Week #259! 

Be sure to congratulate MarioMania642 when you see them in chat!


And we go round and round Life is just a moment in time

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