Troop Of The Week #263

Yet another week has zoomed by, filled with tons of new fun additions to the server as a result of people filling out the Feedback Form. As we move strong through September, even more surprises will surely emerge! As Friday arrives, however, so does the time to announce the new Troop of the Week! With a few new faces around, only one of them could claim the spot as number 263…

Omar5e4 joined the server last week and currently sits at the rank of Corporal. In their short time here so far, they have proven to be a very passionate and chill rebel! Omar has been highly active overall, be it by excitedly hyping up upcoming events and attending them, having laid-back conversations in main chat, or just by sharing a good old meme in the memes channel for laughs. Thanks to Omar’s efforts so far, it is clear that they are deserving of being this week’s Troop of the Week!

Make sure you congratulate Omar when you see them in chat!


War, war never changes.

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