Troop of the Week #269

Troop of the Week #269

As our Autumn Art Festival draws to a close, it becomes time for the hand over of our Troop of the Week award! After a week of various fun activities and events, it brings into question just who this week’s lucky troop will be?! With this in mind it’s time to induct the newest member to the Troop of the Week club…

Since joining us in mid-November, Mizuskyu has proven himself time and time again to be a pleasure to spend time with. Currently sat at the rank of Private, Mizuskyu has made his presence known in chat, also winning both the Autumn Artist and Regular Van Gogh roles in th Autumn Artist Festival. It is for these reasons, the decision has been made to award Mizuskyu Troop of the Week.

Be sure to congratulate Mizuskyu when you see him in chat!


it's my breakdown i get to choose the soundtrack

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