Troop of the Week #273

Troop of the Week #273

Croeso Rebels! Once again we find ourselves on a Friday, meaning that another week at the Rebel Penguin Federation is drawing to a close. A relatively quiet week in the server as we enter mid-April, there have still been plenty of events for everyone to attend and get involved with. With this in mind, it’s time to unveil our 273rd Troop of the Week…

AgentPenguin joined us in early March 2023, and since then has been a friendly and active member of RPF. Often seen talking in Main Chat, AgentPenguin currently sits at the rank of Corporal. Due to their friendly outlook in the server, as well as contributing photos from events for our posts, it seemed only correct to award them the title of Troop of the Week!

Be sure to congratulate AgentPenguin in chat when you see her!


it's my breakdown i get to choose the soundtrack

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