Troop of the Week #274

As April continues, another Friday at the Rebel Penguin Federation arrives, and with it comes the hand over of our Troop of the Week award! After a week of various fun activities and events, it brings into question just who this week’s lucky troop will be?! With this in mind it’s time to induct the newest member to the Troop of the Week club…

Currently sitting at the rank of Corporal, coolbug1212 joined us in  April 2023! Since joining our ranks he has been an active troop and a pleasure to see around the server. Coolbug1212’s passion for getting involved around RPF is what really made him stand out as a perfect candidate for Troop of the Week this week! Congratulations coolbug1212!

Be sure to congratulate coolbug1212 in chat when you see him!


it's my breakdown i get to choose the soundtrack

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