Troop of the Week #282

Troop of the Week #282

Another week is drawing to a close at the Ravioli Penguin Federation (iykyk) and another month begins, and with it comes the time to announce our newest Troop of the Week! Keep reading on to see who won it this week!

That’s right rebels! This week axylide is taking home the trophy! Currently sitting at the rank of Specialist, axylide has been an active troop who is never shy to engage in conversation in chat! They have also successfully tried their hand at recruiting since joining us originally in December 2021 before their recent return at the start of November! With this in mind, it only seems fair that they are inducted in to our long list of Troop of the Week Winners!

Make sure to congratulate axylide when you see them in chat!


it's my breakdown i get to choose the soundtrack

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