Troop Of The Week #88

Troop of the Week #88

This week of the Rebel Federation, while not the best, but a good week. Every division in the army did, we reached amazing heights! Recruits have been coming in the army faster than ever! Big thanks to all those who recruit. A high number of troops did really well this week, which includes a bunch of new troops. Who’ve recently joined the Rebel Federation. But, sadly there can only be one troop of the week. This week’s troop of the week is…

Sugarrush298 has been a part of the Rebel Federation for quite some time now. At first, she didn’t use to hang by the chat often, and it made her underappreciated. But now that she’s active in our discord, she has become friends with many other troops! Her event attendance is that of an ideal troop. She has a positive attitude. Overall a fun person to be around! She’s easily one of the most recognizable troops in the army. I’m proud to say, that this week, the title of TOTW goes to Sugarrush298.


Hey, if you're reading this, congratulations, you just lost the game

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  1. Lord Chill
    Private Ledur
    pls promo it’s has been 2 yrz plz

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