Troop Of The Week #97


Troop of the Week #97

It’s been a fantastic week for the Rebel Federation, with great events for all regions! We’ve had an surge of new members joining, so a huge thank you to everyone who’s been recruiting, and a welcome to our newest Rebels! Deciding the Troop of the Week is always a difficult task and it took a lot of discussion. However, there was one troop who really stood out to us. This week’s troop of the week is…

Tycho joined the Rebel Penguin Federation around 2 months ago and has already made a huge impact on our community. He is always active in chat, talking to fellow troops and you can even catch him in voice chat from time to time! He attends a lot of events and is genuinely an outstanding troop! This is why we feel he deserves this award. Congratulations Tycho!

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