This week we saw the return of battles, alongside a week’s worth of hype and excitement from troops and staff alike!

—◊ Weekly Maxes and Averages ◊—

—◊ Maxes ◊—

AUSIA: 41 (-)
EU: 91 (38⇑)
US: 47 (6⇓)

—◊ Averages ◊—

AUSIA: 36 (-)
EU: 61 (11⇑)
US: 44 (6⇓)
Total: 49 (4⇑)

—◊ Weekly News ◊—

This week we saw the return of army battles as we went up against the Water Vikings earlier today! Both sides brought strong forms and tactics but we ultimately came out on top with a 3-0 victory! Brilliant job to all rebels who attended!

We sadly said goodbye to Third in Command, and Tuxedo Times member, Mac this week as he retired from his role and earned RPF Veteran! FTGF Mac, you will be missed!

Our Troop of the Week this week is Cracked! He’s been consistently working hard and working his way up to the rank of Major General, being a perfect example of TOTW! Make sure to congratulate him if you haven’t already!

—◊ By the Numbers ◊—

How many rebels got promoted this week?

With a total of 25 new promotions, there were…

1 Lieutenant General
1 Officer Cadet
2 Lieutenant Colonels
2 Majors
2 Captains
1 Lieutenant
1 Specialists

1 Master Sergeants
3 Sergeants
5 Corporals
1 Lance Corporal
5 Private First Classes

How many messages were sent in #main-chat on each day of the week?

Saturday – 19,221 messages
Sunday – 19,032 messages
Monday – 16,033 messages
Tuesday – 17,582 messages
Wednesday – 15,656 messages
Thursday – 16,203 messages
Friday – 17,057 messages

Which day of the week did the most people join RPF?

This past week 303 people joined RPF, with 51 joining on Sunday, more than on any other day this week!

—◊ Challenge of the Week ◊—

This week, Avril has created a Crossword Puzzle themed around RPF and Club Penguin!

DM sharkboi#3009 on Discord the completed wordsearch for a prize of 1000 Rebel Cash!

—◊ Division Recap ◊—

—◊ Sunday ◊—


Max: 58

For Valentine’s Day and the last day of Federation Friendship week, we wore our uniforms with some added red and pink items of our choice! This EU/US event called Operation: Penguin Pals was lovely as we gathered with friends on server Crystal on CPRewritten and executed some great tactics and forms. A huge thanks to the Party Planning Committee for planning this event and all the other awesome activities!

Click here for the full report!

After the event, we headed over to Snicksnack for some more fun! Everyone explored all the areas, played some games, and searched for the PPC members Lanie, Yoda, and Z3ming since they were playing hide and seek! Congrats to the friendship groups 2, 6, and 3 for finding them first!

Later on, we also had a fun movie night hosted by Amoji! We enjoyed watching Tangled all together.

—◊ Monday ◊—

Z3ming held a break day event on JustFall.io, a Fall Guys-esque game where rebels fought to be the last penguin standing! Great job to everybody who came out and attended!

—◊ Tuesday ◊—


Max: 35
Avg: 32

We started the day off with a VC-lead training event during Operation: Superiority. With the practice battle against the Water Vikings approaching, the Rebels logged onto Crystal – CPRewritten to sharpen their skills; led by Milly and Panini they did numerous tactics and worked on different formations. 

Click here for the full report!


Max: 43
Avg: 42

Later in the day, we logged onto Crystal – CPRewritten for Operation: Up, Up, and Away. We grabbed the Kite, a hidden item in the latest Penguin Style catalog, and paraded around our island with our elevated tactics and sharp forms. Fantastic work today Rebels!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Wednesday ◊—


Max: 43
Avg: 40

To get training in for the battle on Saturday, the rebels held another vc led event in this Operation: Peak Performance. We logged on to Antarctic on CPRewritten and practiced getting into quick formations as well as doing tactics at optimum speed. Impressive job today rebels!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Thursday ◊—


Max: 41
Avg: 39

For this tree-tastic event, we logged onto Crystal – CPRewritten wearing the Tree Outfit from the gift shop catalog! Nice job sprucing up the island, rebels! 

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Friday ◊—


Max: 47
Avg: 45

For Friday’s US event we logged on to Antarctic on CPRewritten for an HCOMpetition! During this event, 3 members of HCOM, F6, Panini and Amoji, took turns leading tactics in voice chat! The winner is whoever led the most tactics in their room, check out the post below to see the results!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Saturday ◊—


Today’s AUSIA event was cancelled due to the EU/US practice battle against the Water Vikings!


Max: 91
Avg: 84

For Today’s EU/US Event, we logged on to Ascent – CPRewritten for the much awaited Practice Battle against Water Vikings! Everyone who participated did wonderful, but a special congrats to RPF for winning! For more info, check out the post below!

Click here for the full report!

-Tuxedo Times Team: Avril, Princhi, MissyZ, Sarah, Woogs, z3ming, Sharki, Milly, and Shark


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