Tuxedo Times Issue #???

It’s my turn to make a post, so here’s my story:

I joined RPF on April 8, 2020. The pandemic had just kicked off and I convinced my friend to join me in making a CPRewritten account to play around for old time’s sake; I didn’t even know CPR existed until then. Eventually I found myself in the town, and a penguin told me I should google rebel cart surfer and join their chat. I said I’d join later… and I actually did.

I thought I would just check it out briefly and see what it’s all about, only to leave the server never to look back again. Instead, here I am, nearly 3 and a half years later. Time well spent.

Here is a timeline of some of my achievements in RPF:

Private: April 8, 2020
Officer Cadet: June 22, 2020
Brigadier General: June 29, 2020
Major General: July 13, 2020
Lieutenant General: September 14, 2020
General: November 23, 2020
Third in Command: April 19, 2021
Second in Command: October 10, 2021
RPF Rebel: April 12, 2022

I feel satisfied with what I and RPF have achieved in the time that I’ve been enlisted here. Now, it’s time for the last of the April 8th’ers to retire. Of all the random rabbit holes I could have possibly fallen down, I’m grateful that I somehow ended up here. Creed Bratton was right: “…no matter how to get there or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift of making that place their home”.

To those who truly had the greatest impact on my RPF experience:

yvng, moon, cracked, elex, sharki, mars, princhi, rai, yoda, link, pepa, f6

thank you.

– z3ming

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  1. Thank you for teaching me a thing or two about modding way back then. Good luck in retirement! Hope life is like a dream shaboom

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