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Well hi,

 I’ll be completely honest and say that I have no clue how to write something like this so we’re gonna make a mutual agreement that if this turns out awful, we’re all gonna forget that it is, ok? Also hi, if you’re not aware yet, I’m retiring, this is a retirement post

For those of you who don’t know me, hi, I’m shark, or sharkboi. I’m the blonde and British 3ic that you might see posting a weekly thing called Tuxedo Times from time to time! I’ve been in RPF for about 19 months now but hey, everything comes to end at some point right?

I joined RPF on August 30th 2019 after I was recruited by Mochii, and I am so glad that I chose to listen to a stranger’s instructions on Club Penguin, despite all of the warnings in school about not trusting people on the Internet, because it’s led to a large part of the last 19 months of my life. I attended my first event the next day, proceeded to do zero tactics because I was confused, and got my first promo to Private

From there, I attended a couple of events quietly, until!!! A little Card Jitsu tournament by the name of Operation: Heart of the Cards happened and I gained the role of Card Jitsu Master, and the confidence to start speaking in main chat (and a double promo to sergeant lol)

After that I became hooked and didn’t stop for the next year and a half. I attended more and more events, spoke a lot more in main and just generally spent a lot of time in the server. I spoke to a lot more people and made friends with people that I’m still friends with today :’)

Two months after joining, I got promoted to Brigadier General on the 28th October, which was pretty cool, if not slightly terrifying due to some wonderful things going on at the same time, and then Troop of the Week a few days later, on the 1st November, which was even cooler. 

I got to be a part of so many cool things as a mod, especially during the first lockdown while I was a Head General and it was during this time that I spent the majority of my new-found free time talking in the server and recruiting. I became a lot closer with people (haha i wonder who an example would be) and just overall a lot more comfortable (seen in my uh 11k a week message count).

Also during this time, I experienced record breaking events, World War Rewritten, and Legends Cup X which were all insane to be a part of and led to some of my favourite memories in RPF. 

On 29th June I got promoted to Third in Command which was genuinely so cool. I remember having to walk away from my pc for a moment because I was just incredibly shocked and glad that my work as a mod had paid off. It was something that as a troop and as a mod at the beginning, I didn’t know I wanted or could even achieve and so making it up to HCOM was an honour.

Working as HCOM was an absolutely brilliant experience and I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to do so. Immediately after my promotion came the Summer Olympics (hey Hydra, thanks for miraculously not coming in last) and the DCP war, which perhaps wasn’t the easiest transition into HCOM but it was immensely fun none-the-less. We followed these up with numerous more tournament wins and war victories later in the year

In September, I took over Tuxedo Times from Rocket after he retired, and that was hecking cool ! I absolutely loved having a little project each week to work on with people so thank you to everyone who has been on the team while I ran it, I appreciate you all a lot :’)

Oh also, I got RPF Rebel literally just now apparently, which ????? I wasn’t expecting it so thank you so much wtf LOL

After 19 months in this army, all I can say is how lucky I am to have been a part of the things that I have. We’ve remained nearly undefeated the entire time that I’ve been here and I’ve only gotten to see us grow and improve and show off how unrivalled we really are. When I first joined the server we were approaching 4k members, and we recently hit 12k which is just insane.

This community is just so unique and I’m so glad to have found it. Even if the people talking here has changed, it’s remained such a welcoming and comforting place and makes it even harder to leave lmao. (I’m currently writing this part during the gala and its a perfect example of this point) (and i’ve also finally gotten actually Emotional about retiring) (i cried)

I’m so grateful for literally everybody that I’ve ever spoken to in this goddamn server because without you all, it wouldn’t be the place that it is. I’m definitely going to forget people in this bit and feel so bad about it but here’s the obligatory long list of people that have meant a lot to me :’)

brad (lol), moon, z, link, penho, cosmo, bren, elex, crazzy, milly, f6, sarah, steax, panini, amoji, lanie, mars, woogs, sharki, yvng, avril, yoda, ash, prin, jae, yas, jacq, yip, missy, cracked, yo gal, esk, guinz, speedy, pedro, paddy, fev, patrick, zhark, beetle, rosie, reee, mochii, lotte, owl, rocket, lance, mac, bratty, miz, redamance, esh, yoshi

But like I said, everybody in this army is goddamn top tier and I’m so thankful for the memories I’ve been able to make with you all <3

As for what comes next, I’m going to be a lot busier with work and eventually uni, and probably spending less time on discord but I’ll definitely still be coming in and chatting, I don’t think I can let RPF go completely just yet

If any of you want to play minecraft with me and I’m around, hmu, I am so down

I think that’s all I want to say…? Thank you all for everything, love you all <3
-Former Third in Command, Shark 


it matters not what you've done but what you do with what you've done for others

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