Below are all the upcoming events on CPR!

New Code

Since this is the 150th Newspaper Edition, there’s a new available code in which a rare Newspaper Hat is unlocked! Use the code TIMESISSUE150 as soon as possible, it won’t be available for long!


The beloved mascot, Rockhopper, has visited the island many times in the past few days. He is leaving on March 26th, meaning that there are still lots of chances to meet him, and time to explore the Migrator. Click here to check out a mini guide on the ship’s catalog!

Fashion Party

Style up! The Fashion Party is coming on CPR tomorrow; March 19th! Stay tuned for our guide on the party!

April Fools Party

The April Fools Party starts on March 26th, right after the Fashion Party!


Make sure to check out the Igloo Catalog guide here!

Make sure to check out the Penguin Style guide here!

Collectible Pin

Find the newest pin here! There’s also a secret pin on the Stage, make sure to read our guide on how to get it!

Thank you for reading!

– Moon, Third in Command


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