Below are all of the upcoming events on CPR!

The Migrator

Step aside Cadence and the Penguin Band, Rockhopper is coming to the island on July 9th with some special items and the beloved game, Treasure Hunt! Make sure to keep an eye out for him and his famous ship, The Migrator, at the telescope as he gets closer day by day!

Penguin Style

The new July Penguin Style catalog will be coming to the island on July 2nd! It will contain a mix of throwback and new items which is sure to be a surprise!

Igloo Catalog

Next month on July 9th, the new July Better Igloos catalog will be arriving with new music, furniture and igloos for everyone to enjoy!

Catalog Guides

Check out June’s Penguin Style catalog guide here!

Check out June’s Better Igloos catalog guide here!

Collectible Pins

Find the current pin here!

Thanks for reading!

~Raneaosama, Lieutenant General

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  1. I am already HYPEEDDD yasssss

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