When There’s Reckoning to be Reckoned.

On February 9th, the SWAT army declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation.  The premise of the declaration was that SWAT wanted a challenge, they wanted to face one of the most dominant armies in the Club Penguin Army community, and a challenge is what they got.

The war began immediately, the day following the declaration with the defence of Chinook.  To read the full war declaration check the post here. The war went on for 9 days, with multiple excruciating battles, including defending Chinook 3 times.

Battles were scheduled every day with RPF dominating throughout the entire war.  The battle count ended at 10, with RPF winning all 10 battles, and only tying a single room out of thirty.  With countless V forms, nitro giveaways and the strongest Herbert army ever seen, the War of Reckoning has finally come to an end.

SWAT approached us on the 17th of February to request a treaty. The treaty we offered stated as follows.

With all that in mind, let us summarize the War of Reckoning for you.

On February 9th, SWAT declares war and schedules 2 invasions.

Day 1:

Starting off the war strong with the successful defence of Chinook. Turnout was amazing and the first 3-0 was accomplished.

Day 2:

Another defence was upon us, this time the defence of Glacier in which RPF emerged victorious.

Day 3:

Another attempt at invading Chinook was made by SWAT. However, just like the 1st time, we managed to defend it.

Just 1 hour after the start of that defence, we had our first invasion. With an incredible max of 29, we claimed our first piece of land in the war, Cozy.

Day 4:

The 2nd invasion was of Ice Cold. After another sweep, it officially became RPF territory.

Day 5:

Another invasion followed, this time of Athens (Link’s revenge). Despite the low turnout, we managed to invade Athens.

Day 6:

With an invasion streak we continued wiping SWAT off the map. This time, Alabama was in our list.  With another 3-0, Alabama was officially ours.

Day 7:

Sensing a pattern here, SWAT once again attempted to invade Chinook and they were once again met with RPF resistance. Third time was not the charm, as RPF successfully defended Chinook.

Day 8:

Next up was the invasion of Oblivion, and that is exactly where we sent SWAT. Continuing the 3-0 streak, another piece of land was now RPF territory.

Day 9:

The last day of the Reckoning arrived, with SWAT trying to invade Glacier.  No better way to end such an intense war with a very battle. We still managed to defeat SWAT once again and make sure Glacier continues to be our land.

RPF has once again proven the true power it holds. Just like SWAT very accurately stated in their declaration post, we are a powerhouse of tournaments and wars, one of the most dominant forces in CPPS armies.  We will never run away from a war, regardless the reasons behind the declaration.  SWAT put up a great fight, but once again, RPF has shown who’s really doing the Reckoning.

We would like to also take this opportunity to give a massive thank you to everyone who attended this war. Troops, veterans and staff, you are all the backbone of RPF and without you, these accomplishments would not have been possible.  We are always very grateful for your support and we could not have done this without you.

Never stop fighting the good fight rebels.


Link3000 | Rebel Commander



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