Wonders of the World Tour

80 days to travel the world seems a bit too much, so we’re doing it in a week!  The Rebel Penguin Federation has joined forces with Rebels in Neverland and Rebel Federation Jam Session to take you on a trip around the world!  Clear your schedules from September 27th to October 3rd and read on more to see your travel itinerary.

Throughout history, many places have been discovered, explored and created.  However, few things can surpass the beauty of the Seven Wonders of the World.  During this week, we will be visiting one Wonder of the World every day.  From carnivals to scavenger hunts, to exploring continents and a brand new contest, get ready to fill up your passports with stamps.



Monday – India

RPF Break Day: Travel Jeopardy
Disney: Animated Jungle Book stream

Tuesday – Jordan

RPF Ausia: Bollywood Fashion Contest
RPF US: Aladdin themed hide n seek
Disney: Aladdin Live Action stream
Jam Session: Global Music themed Rebel Radio

Wednesday – Italy

RPF EU: Pizza outfit event
Disney: Luca stream
Jam Session:  Eurovision watch party

Thursday – China

RPF Ausia: Great Wall of China Igloo Scavenger hunt
RPF EU: Card Jitsu Element dress up
Disney: Mulan stream

Friday – Mexico

RPF US: Quinceanera Party
Disney: Coco stream
Jam Session: Open Mic

Saturday – Peru

RPF Ausia: Puffle Paddle Tournament
RPF EU/US: Flag dress up
Disney: Emperor’s New Groove stream

Sunday – Brazil

RPF EU/US: Carnival Gala
Disney: Rio stream
Jam Session:  Music Discussion

If you attend at least 1 event in each division and at least 5 events overall, you will earn the special role of Rebel Voyager!


We are introducing a brand new contest!  Since social media is such a big part of traveling, we are incorporating it into our travels too!  For this contest, you can create content for either TikTok, Instagram or Twitter that relates to RF’s Wonders of the World Tour.  The winning submissions will be featured in RPF’s Social Media Accounts!


– Entries can be both hand-drawn or digital and can be in video, image or text form

– People allowed to work on teams of up to 3 people for video submissions and 2 for image/art

Instagram picture dimensions must not exceed 1080 x 1080 px.

TikTok/Instagram videos can be up to 30 seconds long.

Twitter message submissions can be up to 280 characters long.

No personal information must be mentioned.

No sharing the content in any chat in the servers until after the results announcement.

– To enter the contest, send your submissions to any of the people listed at the end of this post (RPF HCOM, Music and Disney leaders)

The deadline for the submissions is Monday, October 4th.


Additionally, if the winner has a non-personal social media account, they will receive a shout-out and will be tagged on the post.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

We hope you will enjoy this magical, adventure filled trip around the globe.  Channel your inner wonderer and let’s all create some memories together!

– Elexonck, F6sixer, Link3000, Penho, Avrillaving2, Jaeun, Moon, Princhi, Yodabobobo, Z3ming | RPF HCOM

– Abbyyy, Nooza, PinkPop | Rebels in Neverland Guardians

– Link3000, YipYorp | RF Jam Session Maestras

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