Greetings, Rebels!

Hellooooooooo! Today, your favourite online troll is here with the results of our current contest! If you don’t know, what our current contest is, I’ll take the liberty to explain it. Our current contest is an April fools party contest in which contestants get to dress up in the whackiest way possible and try and earn the title ‘Fashionista’. But, only the top three positions get to earn the title.

Now, let’s just get on with the winners and not waste any more time!

Without any further ado… The top three contestants by positioning are…

First Position:-

Coming in the first position, thanks to the votes of our CPR team is…

~ D R A G O N | ダンス ~



Second Position:-

Coming in the second position is…

~ Redweeb ~


Third Position:-

Coming in last but not the least is…

~ AishaDabz ~


That’s it for today folks! Hope you enjoyed. Don’t feel down if you didn’t get in this time. Keep an eye out for our new contest which will be released in a bit, and enter that! And, I’m sure you’ll be the one to take the dub!

Sincerely, The RNM CPR Team.


"Cheese has to be earned, just like memes" ~ Unknown (Probs me xd)


  1. how come i didn’t win?

  2. Bad at dressing up is your answer.
    coming from a fashionista
    (i’m so kind to u))

  3. D R A G O N | ダンス

    Thanks everyone for voting for my outfit 😀

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