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Greetings, Rebels!

This post will guide you the secret clothing items from the Penguin Style catalog of May 2019!

Click ‘Access Report’ to find out where the secret items are located!

~ Page 1 ~

Click 1 to get the Electro T-Shirt

Click 2 to get the legendary Black Electric Guitar!

Click 3 to get the Sound Wave T-Shirt

Click 4 to get the mighty Black Cape!

Click 5 to get the Green Cape

~ Page 2 ~

Click 1 to get the Orange Aviator Shades

Click 2 for the Snow Cone Ruffle Dress

Click 3 for the famous Viking Helmet

If you click 3 a total of 4 times, you will receive the “super secret” Blue Viking Helmet!

Click 4 to find The Roll Bandana

Click 5 to find The Chilled

~ Page 3 ~

Click 1 for the Cumberband Hat

Click 2 for the Fancy Tuxedo

Click 3 for a Red Bowtie

Click 4 for a Black Monocle

Click 5 for Black Dress Shoes

That’s all for this month’s catalog secrets!

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